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I Preferred Her First Album, But You've Probably Never Heard Of It
I think Taylor Swift might be my power
animal. I've been putting off checking the
comments on my final university project for almost four months now.
Earlier this week I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet
but, even then, I had to listen to “Shak...

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Bloody Ninjas, Man
Fear: a hissing,
slithering, word for a nasty, insidious, feeling. It's almost
onomatopoeic in the way it perfectly marries form and meaning. Much
as I love lexical oddities in the abstract, though, the practicality
is that fear is like a ninja: it's sneaky...

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Course Correction
I started this blog off by talking
about plans, but it seems I can't take my own advice. I'm not an adult. I mean, sure, technically, but not in any
real, visceral sense – not in any way that makes me feel grown up. That's pretty
distressing. I'm getting to...

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Where The Jobs Are
I've talked about
the importance of having a plan, and the kind of mindset with which
you need to approach that plan – flexibility and determination –
but what exactly should you do to put that plan into practise? That's
the million-dollar question. It's al...

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I Can Be Succinct, Too
A short one today.
No funny pictures or anything. I know, right? But, look: the most
important thing to do with a plan is to stick to it .
It can be hard sometimes, when you feel like you're stalling out, to
keep pushing forwards – but that's what you have ...

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Wait, Ring of Fire Isn't an Extracurricular Activity?
If you've been doing
your homework, you have a life plan. You have a goal, and you've
worked out some tasks you'll need to tick off along the way. How
exactly do you go about doing that, though? It's important to
know your destination, but that's only part ...

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You Need A Plan - Or At Least 12% Of One
So, you find yourselves at a
crossroads. Except it's not so much a crossroads, as it is the heart
of a labyrinth, and not only do you not have a map, you have to be
out by nightfall. You know where you are, and you know where you want
to be, but you don't k...
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