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Kayla Burgess

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Seconds from my Days

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1 Second Everyday!

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Authors note
So you guys have seen my mini bucket list, now here is a little bit about me. I am a big outdoors enthusiasts and have been ever since I was little; I love camping, hiking, biking, walking, and running, basically anything that involves being outside! In add...

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My Bucket List!!
1) Learn Sign language 2) Go Skydiving 3) Learn to speak fluent French 4) See the 7 world wonders 5) Volunteer at a soup kitchen 6) Learn to garden 7) Give 100 compliments in 1 day 8) Make someones day 9) Buy a car 10) Save up 10,000 dollars 11) T ry kick b...

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1 second everyday

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Favorite Quote
"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die" - Buddah This is one of my all time favorite quotes! I try my hardest to live by it, because I believe that life is truly to short, and every second you spend angry is a sec...

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Skype Reflection
1) What went well in today's Skype session? I believe that the kids seemed to be engaging a lot with all the questions we asked in the presentations. They also seemed to enjoy the many different topics used to show procedural writing they seem to truly like...

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We Day - 2013
Photo Credit: Kayla Burgess Photo Credit: Kayla Burgess     We Day is a powerful event. It promotes a
change in the world and empowers the kids of our generation to make a
difference. The first photo presented here was taken a few minutes before the
crowd o...

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Reading Assignment #2
Saving Max #title (87) I wonder if Maitland is actually helping Max or if being there is just making him worse? #comment  Danielle met a guy at the hotel bar, there’s #romance in the air. I definitely think they’re going to hook up #foreshadowing  The docto...
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