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Co-founder of BlogHer. Vegan. Macolyte.
Co-founder of BlogHer. Vegan. Macolyte.

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+BlogHer original team Member Purvi Shah founded Kids & Art to bring the healing power of art and music to kids being treated for cancer.  She was moved to create and expand this program based on her own tragic loss of her son Amaey at nine years old. Turning that pain and grief into something powerful for others is so admirable. I hope you will watch her video at the top of this indiegogo to understand her story and what Kids & Art does. And I hope you will consider giving if you are as moved as I was.

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Nice comprehensive write-up of our +BlogHer 2014 Women and Social Media Study in BizJournals.

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+Ayinde Howell is awesome. His book trailers are awesome. I downloaded this book today!

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This has been one of the significant things on my plate for the last couple of months. And it's just Part One, with Part Two coming from our partner Ketchum later this month. There's advice for marketers and influencers here. And as marketers become content creators more and more, that advice intersects quite a bit!

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Yesterday +BlogHer announced the launch from beta of our comprehensive technology platform called InfluenceHer 360. It's been two years in development, one year in alpha trials and beta customer campaigns, and now is available to all customers AND available to our influencers as well. Using eight years of historical data as a foundation, we are making guarantees about exactly what kind of engagement results our clients can expect. The social space is NOT that cliched "Wild West" anymore, where no one can predict what will happen. We can (and should) do better than that as an industry. Lots of amazing team members involved, lets by +Maya Bisineer and Rob Potter. Kudos to the tech, product, and influencer services team!

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13 years ago I was in NYC on this day. And 10 years ago, after having shared my one, individual story verbally many many times, and realizing that little details were getting fuzzy, I wrote it all in my blog. Day by day. The story of what it had been like 3 years earlier. On that particular day.

And then each year on 9/11, I posted a link to those 5 links. 

That personal blog fell victim to a disappearing host and my general tech laziness two years ago, so I shifted the posts over to

And I continue to link to them every year on this day. It is my way of bearing witness.

Here is my experience. One regular person's individual experience from Midtown Manhattan 13 years ago:

Three years later: 09/09/01. I was thinking "This is the best trip I've had to NYC in years!"

Three years later: 09/11/01: My bag was packed and sitting on my hotel room bed

Three years later: 09/12/01. I was turned away at the blood donor station

Three years later: 09/13/01. I was starting to get starved for human contact

Three years later: 09/15/01. Escape from New York

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All the Donors Choose projects in the Ferguson Florissant school district.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is matching donations today and tomorrow. I just may give something to each of these:

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+Britt Reints on finding your own small step and a little daily practice at a time.

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Food allergies? Blogger? Blogging about food allergies? You want to know about this conference.

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My co-founder +Jory Des Jardins interviews +Andra Liemandt from +The Mrs Band at #BlogHer14.

If you loved their performance of their single "I'm Enough" and their whole #ImEnough  movement, you'll be tine rested to get to know the woman behind The Mrs.
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