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Unfair judges,lawyers,and police officers - Topix
20 posts - 11 authors - Jul 7, 2006
In collin county we have a judge that is completely unfair and treats his cases completely different than other judges in the state of texas. Name: ...
Has anyone had a unfair judging by Judge Hall due to ...‎ - 18 posts - Dec 8, 2010
Judge William Hughey: Unfair to women of East Texas‎ - 20 posts - Sep 15, 2010
Judge Blackman Is One Of The Most Cruel And Unfair ...‎ - 20 posts - May 4, 2010

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Dad's Speak Out About Unfair Judges Who Deny U Custody - Zimbio's+Speak+Out+About+Unfair+Judges+Who+D...
Often a judge just goes with the technical side of the law giving a woman custody without regard to the safety of the children or their desires as to which parent ...
Unfair Judge in Universiade 2003, Taekwondo - YouTube
► 2:35► 2:35 7, 2007 - 3 min - Uploaded by pugyas
Universiade Daegu(SouthKorea) 2003, Taekwondo Men's Bantam weight -62Kg Final, PARK Tae-Youl VS ...
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How do you control unfair judges?
2 posts - 2 authors - Apr 7, 2011
I live in NY and I have been reading about unfair judges who don't seem to care about what the law states and sides with the cop or the ...
Bench Unfair Judge Picking Process Now | Brennan Center for Justice › Resources › Commentary
May 3, 2006 – Bench Unfair Judge Picking Process Now By James E. Johnson and Cristina Rodrguez. New York's system of selecting trial court judges ...
Proposition 8 still unfair, judges say - Beats - Local Stories ...
Feb 9, 2012 – Proposition 8 still unfair, say judges. Anti-union measure “not even close” to making ballot. Published on February 9, 2012 as Beats in the Local ...
Family Court Judge Sheds Light on Unfair Child Support Practices in ...
Apr 3, 2008 – The problem began the night his wife didn't come home. He had left his construction job, then fed their kids. He put them to bed, watched TV ...
Biased Judge ruling completly unfair to husband. - WORLD Law ... › ... › Divorce, Separation, Annulment
11 posts - 1 author - Jun 26, 2010
My boyfriend was recently divorced from his wife. Before the divorce she kicked him out of his house (that he paid for) with only the clothes on ...
Remove Biased Judge from Custody/Divorce Case?‎ - 100 posts - Dec 4, 2008
Unfair judge in Alabama - Page 2‎ - 6 posts - Nov 20, 2008

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Psalm 58 NCV - Unfair Judges - For the director of - Bible Gateway
Unfair Judges - For the director of music To the tune of Do Not Destroy A miktam of David Do you rulers really say what is right Do you judge people

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The US Spanish people are fed up with the bigets and racial inequality that they do not deserve!!! Our People are first to see the war first hand because of the color of our skin its okay to include us first as firs Class citicens to die for this country but then at the end of the day we are treated as second class citizens and worst. I say to those biget racist to H.. with them and change your congress and remove them they divide the Country. I say remove those who only thinK of being Republican or Democratic Parties I THINK THERE SHOULD ONLY BE ONE PARTY AND THAT BEING THE AMERICAN PARTY THE AMERICAN WAY!!! After all we are most Great grand children and children of imigrants with a few exceptions. After all i am mixed and of a nothern Indian descent with many nationalities before me but I recall a judge saying he would deport me since i was in a duress and not fully cooherent in my mind I wanted to send him someplace and tell him that My ancestors is of this country way before the Slaughter of many Indians. I can go on and on. I just like to put that on the block next to the bigets and racist pigs who decide that the own people and there money and think they are immuned to there stupidity!!!

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This is in Puerto Rico!!!

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Quando seu amigo pede para você ficar quieto:

Expectativa: Fico né, pode estar incomodando ele.

Realidade: começo a gritar, falar muito mais alto, começo a batucar, pisar o pé no chão sem parar.

Sysops Rise looks like its time again ####%%%%%_+!!!^^$$%$#%$*(&_(+

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