It's been a while since I shared my Art Tutors circle and there are new additions! :-) Follow these folks if you are interested in a stream of awesome artwork and tips & techniques.

If you've added this circle before, just click on Add People and enter the same circle name to update your existing circle. 

If you are interested in a specific medium or topic and don't want to add everyone in the circle, hover over the names below and select Add to Circle from the hovercard. 

By Medium:
Watercolors: +Andy Walker +Alwyn Crawshaw +Brenda Swenson Watercolors  +Cathy Johnson +Irene Brady +Juan Pena +Julie Gilbert Pollard +Mark Mitchell +Oleg Tumasov +Vinita Pappas +Yevgenia Watts 
Oils: +Caroline Jasper +Danielle Hatherley +Julie Gilbert Pollard +Oleg Tumasov 
Digital Art: +Cliff Roth +Daniel Ibanez +Jim Leggitt 
Drawing: +Glenn Vilppu +JD Hillberry +Oleg Tumasov +Robert Minervini 
Colored Pencils: +Bec Winnel +Ester Roi 

By Topic:
Life Drawing/Figure Sketching: +Glenn Vilppu 
Illustrating Children's books: +Mark Mitchell  
Plein Air Painting: +Caroline Jasper (Oils) +Danielle Hatherley (Oils) +Alwyn Crawshaw (Watercolors) +Cathy Johnson (Watercolors)
+Julie Gilbert Pollard (Watercolors) +Brenda Swenson Watercolors 
Realistic Pencil Sketches: +JD Hillberry  
Creating Comics: +Scott McCloud +Patrick Yurick   
Photoshop: +Cliff Roth 
ArtRage: +Daniel Ibanez 
SketchUp: +Jim Leggitt 
Heat and Wax Based Media: +Ester Roi 
Sketching Nature: +Cathy Johnson +Irene Brady 

If you know of any amazing art tutors that I haven't added to the circle yet, please mention them in the comments and I'll share them in the next update. 

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