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Gadget Freak * Artist * Ingress Addict
Gadget Freak * Artist * Ingress Addict
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Many of you have asked if there will be Anomaly events in the future. Short answer: Definitely yes.

We are planning to hold Anomalies in Q3 and Q4 of 2017. Between now and then, there will be many Mission Days, Ingress First Saturdays,13MAGNUS Reawakens, the MAGNUS Builder event and one or two other incredible events planned -- the details of which are currently classified.

Stay tuned...

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Normally, I consider myself one of the cautious ones. However, since +Martin Schubert has gone out on a limb, I'll return the favor and play devil's advocate for a minute.

Here's one possibility that we shouldn't overlook: Tecthulhus are by themselves neither good or bad -- or to use the XM term of art... stable or chaotic. They are, I suspect, defined by the will and temperament of their creators.

My own research indicates that Tecthulhus have been a part of our history with XM going back many hundreds of years, if not thousands. They are immensely powerful, this is known... but their nature has varied.

It doesn't surprise me that Lynton-Wolfe's Tecthulhu was an unstable and dangerous construct -- those are properties that define Lynton-Wolfe himself.

The Tecthulhu modules being used at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens seem to be fragments of a whole... I do not know the exact details, but my understanding is that they are limited to prevent destabilization that could result in Anomalous XM activity. (Of course, with 13 running at the same time, who knows what could happen).

I have been following the activities of the various builder teams. Their enthusiasm, passion and creativity is infectious. My guess is that these modules will build upon those qualities, enhancing XM in the area to the benefit of all.

Like I said... devil's advocate. I don't know that any of us (myself, Schubert or any others) have enough information to be definitive at this point.

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The dark road of Via Noir has ended, and 13MAGNUS Reawakens. But your role in what lies ahead is vital... the Portal Network must also be reawakened by your efforts.

From Friday, May 5th 23:59 UTC to Sun May 21st 23:59 UTC, the Ingress Scanner will measure a new kind of Agent statistic: Unique Resonator Slots Deployed.

During this limited time window, deploying at least 1331 Unique Resonator Slots will earn you the MAGNUS Builder medal. Should you deploy at least 3113 Unique Resonator Slots during the period of this campaign, you will instead earn the MAGNUS Architect medal.

How will this be measured?

Each Portal has eight possible slots where Resonators can be deployed. Only Unique Resonator Slot deployments will be measured.

For example, deploying to the due-north slot of a Portal will count as one, but any future deploys to the north slot of the same Portal (upgrades etc.) will not further increment this statistic. This means that you can earn at most eight towards this medal from a single Portal throughout the campaign. The level of Resonator deployed is immaterial.

In order to achieve 1331, or the impressive 3113, you will need to journey deep into the Portal Network -- Resonating many Portals.

To help you keep track of your progress this statistic will be temporarily added to the Agent tab of your Scanner.

This metric will be removed from Scanners after the MAGNUS Builder campaign comes to an end.


Via Noir의 어두운길이 끝나고, 13MAGNUS의 부활이 시작되었습니다. 그러나 앞으로 있을 일에서의 여러분의 역할은 매우 중요합니다... 포탈 네트워크는 여러분의 노력으로 다시 부활해야합니다.

5월 6일(토) 오전 8시 59분(한국시간 기준)부터 5월 22일(월) 오전 8시 59분(한국시간 기준)까지 Ingress Scanner는 새로운 통계 항목을 추가하여 측정합니다 - "Unique Resonator Slots Deployed"(레저네이터를 설치한 고유한 슬롯 수)

이 기간 동안 1331 개의 고유한 슬롯에 레저네이터를 설치하면 MAGNUS Builder 메달을, 3113 개의 고유한 슬롯에 레저네이터를 설치하면 MAGNUS Architect 메달을 대신 획득하게됩니다.

측정 방법:

각 포탈에는 레저네이터를 설치할 수 있는 8개의 슬롯이 있습니다. 그중에 레저네이터를 설치한 고유한 슬롯이 측정됩니다.

예를 들어, 포탈의 북쪽 슬롯에 설치하면 1점으로 간주되지만, 이후에 동일한 포탈의 북쪽 슬롯에 레저네이터를 설치(또는 업그레이드)하면 이 통계수치가 더 이상 증가하지 않습니다. 즉, 캠페인 기간 동안 이 메달을 위해 한 포탈에서 최대 8점을 얻을 수 있습니다. 설치된 레저네이터의 레벨은 중요하지 않습니다.

1331 또는 3113 회를 달성하려면 많은 포탈에 레저네이터를 설치하기 위해 포탈 네트워크 속으로 깊이 여행해야할 필요가 있을 것입니다.

진행 상황을 확인하는 데 도움이 되도록 스캐너의 에이전트 탭에 이 통계가 임시로 추가됩니다.

MAGNUS Builder 캠페인이 끝나면 이 측정 항목은 스캐너에서 제거됩니다.


陰暗的 Via Noir之途即將終結,13MAGNUS Reawakens 指日可待。重要關頭,Portal網絡需要你的力量方能復甦。

由5月6日星期六上午07:59 (GMT+8) 至5月22日星期一 07:59 (GMT+8),Ingress偵測器測量一種新的特工統計資料:Unique Resonator Slots Deployed (曾部署的能量槽)。

在上述期間,部署到1,331 個或以上不同的能量槽即可獲得 MAGNUS Builder勳章。部署到不同的能量槽數量達3,113 個或以上則可獲得MAGNUS Architect勳章。




若要達成1,331, 甚或更足稱道的3,113, 你定必要深入Portal網絡 -- 與大量Portal共振。

為方便你查看進度,活動其間,這一數據將會顯示在你的Ingress 偵測器特工頁中,並在活動完結時移除。


Via Noir の暗い道は終焉を迎え、13MAGNUS の復活しようとしています。エージェント各位の力が更に重要になってくることでしょう。。ポータルネットワークもまた、復活しなければなりません。

5月5日(金) 23:59 UTCから5月21日(日)まで、INGRESS スキャナーは新しく、Unique Resonator Slots Deployed (固有のレゾネータースロットにデプロイされたレゾネーターの数) の計測を行います。

この期間中、1331以上のの固有のスロットにレゾネーターをデプロイを行うと、MAGNUS Builderが、 3113以上の固有のレゾネータースロットにレゾネーターをデプロイを行うとMAGNUS Architect のメダルを得られます。


例えば、北側のレゾネータースロットにデプロイを行うことで 1 としてカウントします。その後、同ポータルの同スロット(この場合北側のスロット)へのデプロイ、アップグレードなどはカウントされません。よって、ひとつのポータルで得られる最大のカウントは 8 となります。また、レゾネーターのレベルは計測に影響しません。

1331 、または3113 の固有なレゾネータースロットにレゾネーターをデプロイするには、ポータルネットワークの深淵を訪れ、多くのポータルに影響を与えなければいけません。


この計測値はMAGNUS Builder のキャンペーン終了時に削除されます。

Der dunkle Pfad von Via Noir endet und 13MAGNUS erwacht erneut. Deine Rolle für die Zukunft ist lebenswichtig… das Portalnetzwerk muss mit deiner Hilfe wieder erwacht werden.

Von Freitag, 5. Mai 23:59 UTC bis Sonntag, 12. Mai 23:59 UTC wird der Ingress Scanner eine neuartige Statistik anzeigen: Das Einnehmen von einzelnen Resonatorenslots.

Wenn du in der angegebenen Zeit mindestens 1331 einzelne Resonatorenslots besetzt, bekommst du die MAGNUS Builder Medaille. Solltest du genau oder über 3113 einzelne Resonatorenslots besetzen, erhältst du stattdessen die MAGNUS Architect Medaille.

Wie wird das gemessen?
Jedes Portal hat acht mögliche Slots in die Resonatoren gesetzt werden können. Nur das Besetzen von einzigen Resonatoren wird gemessen.

Zum Beispiel das Besetzen des nördlichsten Resonatorenslots zählt als eins aber jedes weitere zukünftige Besetzen am selben Portal (Upgrades etc.) des nördlichsten Resonatorenslots wird für die Statistik nicht gezählt. Das heißt, dass du maximal acht Punkte für die Statistik an einem Portal bekommen kannst. Das Level des Resonators ist bedeutungslos.

Um 1331 oder sogar 3113 Resonatoren zu besetzen, musst du tief in das Portalnetzwerk eindringen und Portale besetzen.

Um dir beim Tracken zu helfen, werden wir eine temporäre Statistik in deinem Agenten Profil im Scanner integrieren.

Diese Statistik wird nach dem MAGNUS Builder event wieder entfernt.


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Martin Schubert, the Skeptic, offers a scathing indictment of the Tecthulhu-module based 13MAGNUS REAWAKENS art projects and the independent Tecthulhu project covered yesterday on Investigate.

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via +Ingress

In the spirit of including as many Agents as possible, the #13MangusReawakens team that is creating a luminescent heart portal also created a series of themed missions around the world. You can participate in their project by completing these missions and posting a picture of your scanner or a selfie. Just be sure to use #luminescentheart in your social post.

Register for 13Magnus Reawakens here:
The #MagnusReawakens missions and mosaics created by Team #luminescentheart are going live across the world! Remember: once you complete one, post a picture of you/your group, a screenshot of the completed mission/mosaic, and use the two hashtags above. 

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On May 19th, Ingress will host an event named 13Magnus Reawakens in Camp Navarro, CA, USA. The forests of Northern California have their share of lore and legend, but none so bizarre as those surrounding the whispering redwoods along the Navarro River. Register today at:

There are still a limited number of camping spaces available. However, all of the space reserved for RVs has been allocated. If you want to attend with a group, please appoint a group leader. There is a field in the ticketing process during checkout that will allow you to specify a group or family name.

Please check out the Complete FAQ and Safety Guide at the registration website:

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I have had the privilege of being a fly on the wall in a top-secret hangout where the creative teams behind the Tecthulhu-module based 'Portal Luminance Projects' have been coordinating their activities. Watching this process unfold has been fascinating…

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Agents we are happy to officially announce our visit to Malaysia with a series of small meet ups ending in Kuala Lumpur where a large NL-1331 meet up will take place and Mission Day the following day. We are also excited to announce the first ever NL-1331 Asia van badge. Tickets are going fast so RSVP soon agents!


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Congratulations, Trainers. You collectively hatched 87 million Eggs during the Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza!

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Agents did an excellent job today tracking Agent KodamaSmiles across the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. Some intel was recovered, and we'll be working on piecing that together and recovering missing fragments that may be needed to bring it into focus.
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