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Hello, I'm sure this is easy, but I just need to know how to set a rule to remove the 1 from outgoing calls. Sometimes my phone also adds a 2nd 1 and I need that removed as well. Thanks!


My app has all of the sudden stopped working. My users (and myself on Appsheet) get the "Unable to fetch app definition: Error App Blocked" error code. I have just a few users on the app and we're testing it out before I deploy it. But it was working a day ago and now it isn't. I can't even access it from the editor.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm pulling my hair out.

Thank you.

In my app i have a couple issues, well just two sides to the same coin actually.

1. I used the "USERNAME ()" expression in my name column in one of my apps, and when I post it lists my name. However when someone else posts it lists them as a guest. I'm assuming this is because I don't have the app set up to where users have to sign in yet so it just views them as a guest. How does it view me since I'm not signed in?

2. I have searched and can't find an explanation simple enough for me to understand how to set up the sign in feature. Can someone please explain to me step by step how to make it to where my users have to sign in? I'm learning but my understanding is limited so very simple instructions are needed please.

Thank you.

Hello, I am creating a bank register app for my family. I want the app to calculate the difference between the current transaction and the previous balance automatically. I have looked around and other explanations are way above my understanding. Can anyone break this down for a newbie like myself? Thank you!

I am making a schedule of sorts. Every Wednesday and Saturday of the week I need to have 2 to 3 participants in an activity. Each participant will sign up in one of the available slots.

I'm using a table view so that when a person signs into the app they can see if a slot is available for them to sign up for or if that day is already taken.

What I need to know is how to make it to where each person has to sign in with a password and email and still can see and edit the form for everyone else to see and edit?

Also, all of my other appsheet google spreadsheets have been replaced with a file called empty.txt. They still function but for some reason I can't access the spreadsheet any longer. Does anyone have a reason why?

Hello, I am newer to Appsheet and have been researching it for a while now, trying to learn it. I've seen a lot of cool ideas and have gotten some suggestions on a few more. However I would like to create a RPG app for my friends and I. We all live in separate areas of the country now and would like to continue our past games. We've tried RPG forums but some feel it is to slow and clunky. I think creating an appsheet app is just the trick for us. If my research is correct I think I can get it to work. However I do have a few questions.

1. I want to have a game board where the GM can post a picture of a map or area and then under it have a little blurb explaining what the PC's are seeing. Then below that they PC's can give comments and actions. I don't want any of this erased when the next PC's comments but I want them all to remain in the chain of comments (similar to a forum). I tried this but all I get is the image, the GM explanation and a single comment. I can't get it to where multiple comments are able to be placed.

2. I also want to have a main page when the players open up the app that has the many options (i.e. Game Board, Character Card, Attributes, Items etc.). I would like to have 6 square images that take up the screen, one for each option so that all the player has to do is click the image to open that page. I want each square to have a unique picture that I create, but I don't want any pictures or images inside that page to interfere with that.

3. Is there a way to generate random numbers (like a dice roller) inside Appsheet? I can do that on a normal spreadsheet or even google sheets but I don't want to have to regenerate the app each time a player rolls a dice. (another option, is that i can link to an outside website that will roll the dice, I can even get that website to email me the results, perhaps I can get it to automatically post it in my google spreadsheet and use it as a workaround?)

4. Is there a way for a player to have access to everyone's comments in one section of the app (Like the game board) but then only can see his/her own info in another section (Like his/her own character profile)?

I know there are probably many complications to these questions and I'm sure I didn't explain it totally clear, so please don't feel like you have to answer all of them, if you know how I can do any of this please let me know or if you have any questions or need more info please ask. Thank you!


I'm trying to make an app where other users can record their own data in the fields and only have access (or see) their own data when they enter the info. I don't want it to be a community project (where everyone contributes to others data). I have created users but I don't see an option for this. Am I missing something or is this just not possible?

Thank you.

I have a column listed as "Address" and Appsheet is saying that my column is labeled wrong. I've tried several different column titles (such as Map and Location) and I get the same error message. Please help. Here is the actual message I see:

1: Map control My Call Book uses invalid map column ''. Using column 'Address' instead.

How do I fix it?

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