Playtest Report: January 7, 2014

Players: +Michael Godesky, +Jason Godesky, +Giulianna Lamanna 

Pro: With this playtest I was really focused on the last big question before we start getting the public beta ready: are the individual needs enough to drive the game without any other structuring mechanic? I'm happy to report that yes, they are! So this will be the basic game; other games will apply structuring mechanics, but the basic form will just be driven by the primary characters' needs. None of us really brought our "A" game tonight, but a pretty interesting story emerged, nonetheless. I think this game is ready to come out of alpha.

Con: The wheel continues to be everybody's favorite part of the game, but we really need a lot more mobility. I've made mobility important enough that I think we should really be moving at least one person, and probably more than that, in each and every scene. The new history phases seem promising, but they need some tweaking.

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