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bumi yadi

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Hbs jatuh pada perih ni luka

Harus bagaimana lagi cara ini aku lakukan

not sure if you know this
but when we first met
i got so nervous, i couldn't speak
in that very moment
i found the one,and
my life had found its missing piece
so as along i life i'll love you
will have and holdyou
you look so beautiful in white
and from now to my very last breath
this day i'll cerish
you look so beautiful in white
what we have timeless
my love is endless
and with this bring,i say to the world
youre my every reason
youre all that believe in
with all my heart
i mean every world.......
and if out daughters
what our future holds
i hope she has your eyes
finds love like u and i did
i wish she falls in love
and we'll let her go
i'll walk her down the aisle
she'll look so beautiful in white

Ngantuk tp males mau tdur

Hmmmmm masih sama kaya kemarin........!!!!!!!!!
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