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I'm 2 to the fifth power now!

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Starting a Google+ page for the art/culture/general geekery club I advise.

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Voting from the public has been extended to Monday! Please sign up and cast your vote for this. It's the only webcomic-related presentation submitted to SXSW this year.

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My entry for SXSW Interactive 2012 is up for voting! Please visit the link and vote for it. As far as I know it's the only webcomic related entry this year and one of the few math education ones.


"Many students see math as an externality, obstructing engagement with the material. A solution is using student-generated contexts that rely on their cognitive space. This presentation deals with one type: visual metaphors. It begins with methods for discovery and current results, provides applications for the classroom, and ends with implications for game-based curricula.

Drawing elucidates visual metaphors; the images, tied to specific math concepts, provide rich documentation of conceptual translation processes. A "visual dictionary" reveals prevalent patterns. Two classroom applications are game design and comics. Games employ metaphors as interactive symbols to model systemic interrelations. Comics use a structured narrative with metaphors as storytelling vehicles.

Student-generated contexts provide a way to generalize Constructivist Theory to include process-oriented game design curricula. This is a significant advancement in its integration into overall pedagogical development."

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For right now, I'm not going to upload any new photos to Google+ until they get their photo albums refined more. FB will continue to be used for that. I will, however, begin uploading videos here.

Heading to Otakon in the morning!

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