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I just had to share's so funny. Water usage in Berlin at the time of the Quarter final match in the world cup. 
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How to boost learning using online tools. Might be interesting for some here in the community? 
6 Online Collaboration Tools and Strategies For Boosting #Learning
Would you like to boost learning. Check this article to find out 6 Online Collaboration Tools and Strategies For Boosting Learning.
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Nice read!
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For anyone interested in going to Sardinia! How to get there! 
Numerous of ways of getting to Sardinia, different routes to consider by air and by sea!! check it this out!

#flightstosardinia   #gettingsardinia   #ferriestosardinia
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Martha Begley Schade

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Oh, So true! 
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Martha Begley Schade

Strategies in Business  - 
There's a fine line between knowledge and intelligenceKnowledge is the key, and intelligence is the door.Without this key it will be very hard to open the door to opportunities, and intelligence can
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I just love this quote. It encourages us to believe in the importance of what we have to say too. 
I found the quote years ago in an old book and unfortunately have no idea who the author was, but still to this day I remember it and use it often. 
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My very first video has nearly hit 28000 views! I was wondering if people would like to know more about Process Management? 

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I Love this story. Be aware of the unintended signals you give others! After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression! 
Take a moment or two to enjoy this collection of #quotes  on the topic of strategy - such as this one from #henryford

Story About Henry Ford
Did you know that once Henry Ford met up for dinner with an applicant for a top job in his company. When the applicant received his meal, he showered it with salt, whereupon Henry Ford is reputed to have said: "I'm sorry, but I cant give you the job".

When the job applicant asked why, Henry Ford said that anyone who would receive a meal and without tasting it first, cover it in so much salt, was not a suitable person to manage in his company - it showed his lack of assessing a situation correctly! 

Imagine that!
#quotes   #businesstraining   #managementskills  
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Martha Begley Schade

Management Skills  - 
Are you a team player?

Cooperation is the key to team success. We all naturally adapt, adjust, and copy the culture of our environment. In a team, it’s ideal to cooperate and collaborate with kindness and good intentions. Relationships among the team matter most. Relationships build the team. Hence, we want to keep a harmonious relationship by not hurting each other.

An exceptional leader knows how to inspire hard work in the team, he knows how to motivate them to cooperate, and he also knows how to humbly ask. A good leader does not judge or assume right away. He uses humble inquiry to become an effective leader. To be a good leader, you need to cooperate, which means: you need to be kind, you need good intentions, you need to be humble and ASK.

Are you kind enough to truly collaborate? 

Here's food for thought on my blog:
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What a wonderful tribute to a man who had such a wonderful influence on so many people's lives....Directly he saved 669 children and gave how many families a parent?

What will be your footprint in other people's lives? 
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Martha Begley Schade

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How to build a killer app - Infographic. Really well laid out and informative! 
The mobile app market gets more crowded every day. Before adding your app to the mix, make sure you've done your homework.
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My mother always said "there is just something about a boy and his dog" and luckily I followed her advice. This is my son and his dog after a day at the beach on Wednesday.

Love between best buddies!
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+Adrian Morales Thank you Adrian! I was a bit shakey about posting a private picture like that but I thought it would do the world go to see something like that! I'm so glad you appreciated it! Thank you.
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