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We are a Digital Design Studio
We are a Digital Design Studio

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Have you checked your website for “mobile friendliness”?
50% of all searches today are mobile searches.

This week Google implemented their new Mobile Search Algorithm. “Mobile friendliness” will now play a key role in the way it is ranked, and sites that are not mobile-optimized may be penalized.

Contact us for your free Google Mobile-Friendly Evaluation

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Congratulations to one of our favorite clients. Climax Brewing is celebrating their 19 year anniversary this month. Check their craft beer & website here.

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Meet one of Techdesigno’s team members, Kyonna Estes. Kyonna is a Web/Graphic Designer and Illustrator here at Techdesigno. She uses her artistic knowledge and skills to make sure we create professionally designed work for our clients. To see examples of Kyonna’s art and design work go to:

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Ever wonder what Social Media can do for your business?
Here are 10 Ways Social Media can help your business:

1) Brand Recognition
2) Community
3) Repeat Exposure
4) Authority
5) Website Traffic

Click here to read all 10 ways that Social Media can help your business:

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SEO Works! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used to increase a website’s visibility and traffic. You want to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible.

See a real world example with a plumber client of ours called

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Why should you choose Joomla?

Here are 5 top benefits for using a Joomla Website:

1.) Fast, safe, and easy editing
2.) Powerful and easy menu creation tool
3.) Built-in basic SEO functionality
4.) Multilingual support
5.) Huge library of extensions

#FunFactFriday Did you know, IHOP (Restaurant chain) uses Joomla for their website? And did I mention that Leonardo Di Caprio uses Joomla? Pretty cool, huh?

See link to view one of our websites created with Joomla:

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Logos are a critical aspect to your business. As the company's major graphical representation, a logo anchors a company's brand and becomes the single most visible part of the company within the target market.

Online Ordering is exploding! User Friendly Is the Key

No more phone calls and time wasted waiting for callbacks. Make your online and mobile ordering platforms customer friendly, intuitive, and set up in a way that speaks to your customers.

Domino’s Pizza has generated $1 billion in sales from web, mobile and app orders. To read more about Dominos and their Online Ordering success, Click Here:

See this article from the National Restaurant Association that explains how Online Ordering drives your new business.

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Did you know over 93% of Americans have cell phones?
And 52% of all local searches are done on a mobile phone?

See USA Today article that explains why it is important to have a mobile website for your business.

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Meet one of Techdesigno’s team members, Ralph DePiro. Ralph is a Photographer and Mobile Web Designer here at Techdesigno. He uses his photographic knowledge and skills to make sure we have professional quality photos for our clients. To see examples of Ralph’s art, photography, and design work go to :"
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