Ok folks - 2015 round of Predictions is coming.

This time i'd love to cluster it a bit (and if that's ok it would be posted to +All3DP too, besides our 3dDinge.de blog), in Journalists, Evangelists, Printer Manufacturers and Business

For orientation: http://www.3ddinge.de/predictions_2014

A short twitteresque Prediction for the 3dPrinting World in 2015 would be HIGHLY appreciated

So here are my Tags 

+Rachel Park of course
+Anja van West 
and let's give +Eddie Krassenstein a chance :)

(there are SO many brilliant people, so i picked five - you are more than welcome to add your opinion in the comment section of the BlogPost afterwards)
+Florian Horsch 
+Jeremie Francois 
+Jason Ray 
+Filemon Schoffer 
+Nick Parker 

+Whosa whatsis (for +Deezmaker)
+Adrian Bowyer (for +RepRapPro)
+Cyprien Decouty (for +Formlabs)
+Alberto Valero Gomez (for +BQ )
+Brook Drumm (for +Printrbot)

(Again - so many potential folks to choose from - feel free to add your opinion +Erik de Bruijn +WASP Team +Pirate3D everyone else)

+Tuan TranPham 
+Jochen Hanselmann 
+John Hauer 
+Terry Wohlers 
+Michael Sorkin 

+Faberdashery Ltd. 
Plus i'm mailing Kai Parthy from LayEverything
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