+Hangouts in History is one of the best examples you will ever find combining the idea of a Virtual Field Trip #connectedclassrooms with realtime video. +Bell Shakespeare serves as a benchmark for all others to follow. Pat on the back to everyone involved.. 
A short film about our week-long Shakespearean love-in with Bell Shakespeare and Google+ celebrating his 450th birthday in May 2014.

Huge and dramatical kudos to:
the creative geniuses at +Grumpy Sailor Creative ;
the southern hemisphere's Queen of the Hangout: +Cocina de Mama ; 
all our collaborators, including the lovely +Lily Cole  ;
but mainly the incredible +Bell Shakespeare who were so brave, and trusting and adventurous. They really do walk the walk - Thank You.

(That's 2 down... let's see how much more Shakespeare I can squeeze out of Google before they catch on ;)
  #dream40   #450shakespeare  
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