Confused about Kiva...

Meet Rin. She's a is a farmer and entrepreneur from Cambodia. Her profile on indicates that she requires 650$ to purchase fertilizer and to hire help to plant casava. Her profile also indicates that she earns 5USD a day. I've never met Rin, but I like her smile and want to help her.

The thing is, I also noticed that the interest rate on the microloan I'd like to offer her will be 30.04% How long will it take Rin to pay off this debt???? I understand that the cost to provide a small loan in a rural country is quite expensive... but I just don't know if I'm helping or contributing to the problem under those conditions. Have any of you had experience with Kiva? Why are their lending partners "for profit" organizations? I've been going through countless Kiva profiles tonight and I can't help but think that I'd love to be able to just give these people money directly. They are mothers and fathers, working hard to provide a better future for their kids, just like you and me.

I'm not knocking Kiva or the lending partners as I'm sure they all work really hard to make a difference... I just wish we could help people like Rin and not charge them 30% interest on a 650$ loan when they make 5$ a day.

See why I'm confused about Kiva? What are your thoughts?
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