Why is there an inexplicably stupid amount of white space on the right hand side of Google+ now?
Why do I have to see that "Justin Bieber" and "North Korea" are trending? Why do I have to see Kevin Rose in my "You might like" box that messes up this entire page? (I definitely wouldn't "like")
Why can't you create a small Hangout button so a third of my screen isn't wasted?
Why is my "Invite friends to Google+" button still there?

Good god, guys. Did you look at this thing before you hit "Publish"? This is the default view of Google+ you want to share with the world?

I have a 13" computer screen with only 1/3 devoted to actual content. The rest is taken up with your "look at me" junk. When I full-screen my browser, instead of expanding the content you give me more garbage about joining chats?

I need a third party client for this shit.
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