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Scot Eric Candiotti
Still learning it is better to always be writing than to always be right.
Still learning it is better to always be writing than to always be right.

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A Lifelong DC Comics Fan Ranks the 14 Marvel Cinematic Universe Films
In my little review of Doctor Strange today, I referred to it landing in the middle of the pack in terms of the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, it seemed only fair that I put together an actual list ranking all 14 MCU films. This is a rare instance w...

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DOCTOR STRANGE: My Spoiler-Free Quickie Review
Dazzling visuals aside, DOCTOR STRANGE is a superhero origin story that is not only cut from the same cloth as movies like BATMAN BEGINS and IRON MAN , you can actually see the seams where they stitched in elements from both flicks. But also like those two ...

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SUICIDE SQUAD - My Immediate Reactions Coalescing Into an Actual Spoiler-Free Review
When I talk about films and television, I often point out that “it’s all about the characters, stupid.”  And if there’s a place where SUICIDE SQUAD shines, it’s with the characters. The film has to introduce a myriad of villains — who are actually going to ...

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Game of Boneheads: GOT & the 2016 Presidential Campaign
Game of Thrones has never quite been my favorite TV show. Seemingly a mere dragon's breath away, there’s always some drug kingpin, ad exec or Minnesota peace officer blocking its path, ironically keeping the HBO juggernaut from assuming the throne in my men...

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Crash Flash Course on "Who is Jay Garrick" -- Ironically, the Fastest Blog I've Ever Written!
I'm a longtime Flash Fanatic, a Speed Force Enthusiast since I first laid eyes on a four-color panel of the Flash over forty years ago. So naturally, I've got cartoon hearts for eyes when it comes to the current TV series: THE FLASH . In an era of comic boo...

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Since I knocked off 4 flicks over the past week (one through generosity of a friend & the other three as part of my triple feature yesterday), I thought I’d dole out some quickie reviews: TRAINWRECK : At its core, its actually your typical Apatow-directed s...

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Maybe My Next Screenplay? Stranger Things Have Happened...
With the dawn of a new year, I thought I'd try to find
time to write do some screenwriting work again. You know, as someone purporting
to be a writer should be doing practically every day. This is not one of my resolutions, as they are more focused on my fi...

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This Doesn't Mean That
Just because I’m sickened and angered by police brutality and
its tragic consequences, doesn’t mean I’m against cops. Just because I’m horrified and shocked by the escalation of
rhetoric to violence, doesn’t mean I’m against protesting injustice.   Just bec...

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Now retiring...Numbah Two...Derek Jeter...Numbah Two...
I’m a lifelong Yankees fan. I may not have always loved the ownership or even most of my fellow fans — but my love of the team has never wavered. I idolized players like Nettles, Gossage, Mattingly, Winfield and Guidry. I was thrilled and then repelled by t...

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Invasion of Privacy Without Ever Leaving the Comforts of Your Mom's Basement
In the wake of the celebrity photo hacking scandal, I witnessed some rather disturbing perspectives that arose afterwards. Putting aside the idiotic extremists who seem to exist solely to remind us that there are still a large number of idiots who continue ...
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