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Five lake regions to add to your Italy itinerary. Which would you visit first and why?
Five lovely lakes in Italy worth a visit.
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Very nice article, Robin.
I was about to leave a comment on your website but it doesn't work.
Oh, so sorry about that +Miruna Corneanu Thanks for letting me know! Looks like the comments plug-in may not be working properly. I'll have to consult my web person. Technology can be a real pia sometimes.
:)Ok.I have seen some of the lakes and they are truly charming.
I'm a lake person. I would go to all 5 in a heartbeat. Our Finger Lakes of New York State (where I live) are glacial lakes that so reminded Italians of home that we have a high population of Italians here. And one of the most charming small towns in the US is named Naples, at the end of Canandaigua Lake. Wine country!
+Marci Diehl I have to get up to your area sometime and do some wine tasting! Been meaning too forever, just haven't gotten the chance.
+Miruna Corneanu I think my site is fixed if you wanted to pop back over and leave a comment. :) Let me know if you continue to have issues!
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