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Premium Ska from all over the world!
Premium Ska from all over the world!


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Rocking Records Releases so far - Premium Ska from all over the world!
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heya mate. rocking records goes +1!
please spread the word!
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Rocking Records had a great year with some fucking hot releases from ska cats all over the world and some new partners and friends. We`d like to thank you girls and guys for getting a part or the Rocking Records-family of we are so proud. Within just two years you and us made Rocking Records a serious part of the global ska scene. Our aim to release great stuff of the... global ska scene took some next great steps. So thank you all, Leo & THe Lineup, you are our gold between tons of silver, The Void Union, you made my day more than once in 2012, Desorden Publico - great mates and musicians from Venezuela, we are really proud to be your label in germany and looking forward to you touring europe in 2013. Thanks to Jokerface, those incredible youngsters who are creating some fresh air in the scene, thanks to The Butlers and Dr. Woggle & The Radio, two old hands of the german scene who joined our family with big success this year. Big greetings to our australian friends from The Resignators. Your are great, musically and private and also big up for Masons Arms, our newest member of the family, who are very welcome and the nice guys of our roster including a top notch album with great german lyrics - must have for ska and reggae lovers in our view. Thanks to all of you.
A special thanks to Buck @ Cubo & Megalith. We started some great collaboration and it s not just a big honour for us as young player to link up with THE old hand of the contemporary ska scene, but it s a pleasure to work together so far, so we are really looking forward to built up this partnership. Greetings to Jeremy at this point too. And there are some more labels we`d like to thank for good collaboration and contact all the time: Jump Up Records and Stubborn Records (U.S.A.), Una Isla Club Records (Argentinia), Revolver Records (Indonesia), Oldies but Rudies, Golden Singles, Brixton and Liquidator (Spain), Stupido (Finland) as well as Do The Dog (U.K.), Care Factor (Australia) as well as Mad Butcher, Pork Pie and Grover (Germany). Thanks for keeping the fire burning with the help of some friends...
Last but not least thanks so much to David Hillyard for the chance to release his new album of David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 as the first album on our new sublabel Jamaican Jazz Records. It s a perfect match for the start of our label focused on Jamaican Jazz, Ska-Jazz and jazzy Reggaebeats. Hail out for some more releases next year. There are great things in the pipeline!
As happy and thankful we are with and for the achievements in 2012, we are looking forward to the next chapter of Rocking Records including Jamaican Jazz Records. There are some great more releases in the upcoming weeks (e.g. King Django (U.S.A.), Goldmaster Allstars (U.K.), Cartoon Violence from Wales and pretty sure the new album of The Bandulus from Austin, Texas, who recorded a great souful reggae album. Also there will be the new record from the great Keyser Soze published soon. And we`ll start our Rocking Records Set - a series of sampler with contemporary ska and reggae music, starting with a fine worldwide selection of contemporary early reggae scorchers. We got great stuff from all over the world for this plan and are keen that this will be another great chapter in the world of Rocking Records.

BUJAKKA - have a great step into 2013 and see you out there.
Keep the fire burning!!!

Olly & Lu
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