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Working in Taipei101 building for 5 years, first time ion op by #runningup!
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always wondering retention rate of the scopes user on ubuntu phone.

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$ repo init -u -b brillo-m7-release
- use Ninja/blueprint/kate/soong as build system.
- libbrillo - dbus/binder/minijail/stream/http as internal IPC protocol.
- Reuse sensorservice/libsensor from Android libhardware, provided clean HAL interface for apps
- Support system A/B updater.
- Support TPM2, SELinux are used as sandboxing mechanism
- libweave/weave, surprise not using customized protobuf or lightlight protocol. using XMPP as IPC, good for extention though.
- Brillo Developement Kit (seems like using Gentoo portage as build system and package manager)
- reference platform Brillo Starter Board is built by Qualcomm.

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The latest version of uNav (by +Marcos Costales​ ) for Ubuntu phones now uses cycle routes!

Yaaayyy! \o/

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Snappy Ubuntu core is rocking on banana Pi!

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The  MrRobot project - Ubuntu Mobile app enabled Robotics, powered by Raspberry Pi and arduino,  built during #Ubuntu ShenZhen hackathon, has been released to github !

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3 hours before #ubuntu phone hackathon demo at Huaqiang International Maker Center, Shenzhen, China.

Now, you can control the robot from Ubuntu Phone!!!

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2330, fun time 

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sleepless 30 hours long Ubuntu Phone + Snappy Ubuntu Core hackathon at Shenzhen, China! #Ubuntu  
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Recent Stagefright issues

The following CVE's have been patched in CM12.0 and 12.1 nightlies for a couple weeks. If you haven't updated already, we strongly encourage you to do so. 

CM11 will see these updates hit as part of out of band fixes this weekend (these releases occur weekly). 


We are actively following all the DefCon events and announcements and will be keeping tabs on other disclosures that could impact CM and its derivatives. 
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