▣ Please beware of bogus imitations.
E-mail & PayPal Account : antclabs@gmail.com
BLTouch Price : $38 / unit (20% Off / Retail $48 USD)
Shipping Price : Standard Int’l Shipping - $5 (5 - 20 business days)
UPS or EMS - $25 (1 – 6 business days)
BLTouchs will be shipped in : One business day
We are shipping BLTouch everyday, except holidays of the post office.
Generally, we try to ship on the day if you order before the time below:
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 06:00, PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) 23:00

※ Please beware of bogus imitations.
It has recently come to our attention that there are BLTouch copies now on the market.
The genuine BLTouch is a very precisely tuned device and we take great pride in its value and quality.
These copies are not affiliated with ANTCLABS and ANTCLABS will not support these copies.
BLTouch (Auto bed leveling sensor for 3D printers) is only made by ANTCLABS(A&T) in Korea.
ANTCLABS finnished applicating BLTouch for the international patent and will soon register patent in each other contries also.

ANTCLABS does not allow other companies to produce BLTouch , make copies, use or sell or resell made copies.
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