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Omg Trudeau HYPE! His MMA record now stands undefeated at 2-0.

J. Trudeau v P. Brazeau - W (unanimous decision)
J. Trudeau v R.E Rosseau - W (via TKO)

The question on everyone's mind - is JT ready to step-up and face Federal Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan?! 

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Surprisingly made me bust a gut more than a few times. From 2016 snooker commentary.

Q: Any thoughts on that 'universal remote' technology everyone seems to be using?
A: Yes, it changes everything.

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Holy craaaaaaaaap.  I've never seen so much rockfall captured in a video.

"When a Doctor’s prognosis is bad, we want to seek a second opinion. But when a prognosis is good we’re somehow okay with it."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson

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"Most definitely the biggest moment of his professional life. If you are the sort of person who thinks that such a thing cannot be celebrated, you should just give up trying to find happiness in life, consult an actuary about exactly how much time you have left until you die and optimize your investments accordingly."

It took about 20 years... but the Blue Jays finally have a super exciting team again and are honestly looking like serious World Series contenders.

#BandWagonTime #BlueJays

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This is a haiku.
Notice all the syllables?
Poetry, bitches.
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