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Dan MacNeil
Power is perfected in Weakness.
Power is perfected in Weakness.

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Follow your technology dream, Maybe un-break the world a little, or not Over 15 years , I made a few sacrifices to follow my tech dream to make the world slightly better place. After 4 years of reflection, I have some satisfaction and some selfish regrets. ...

I am feeling wild, maybe I will open the new bottle of hot sauce before completely finishing the old.

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Character is a word with less testosterone poisoning than honor

Somebody was wrong on the Internet. It's OK now. I set them straight.

A special, different l visual basic syntax for assigning object variables?

Call me spoiled and entitled but that sounds like the compilers job.

The answer is usually:

"It depends."

Always makes me feel confident to see somebody comment

###### end of file ######

The days when files got truncated in transmission are long behind us but still....

I left 7/8 of my 2nd drink at the bar.

A lifetime first.

If I had a drone, I would fly it in the office and hover it next to the desks of people who are not at their desks when I need to follow-up with them.
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