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Jeff Madison
I'm here to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.
I'm here to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.

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Just in case you were confused on the matter I was raised by Red Neck, Southern Baptist, Republicans in Mississippi - I don't get intimidated and I don't back down. Especially when I believe I am in the right. Keep that in mind, next time you try to go all big nuts on me....jerk.

Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of birds.

Build out for new office started this AM...progress is sometimes quite noisy.

Dear G+ if you loved me, you'd allow public sharing, copying & following of lists. Im jus sayin.

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OK, people listen up 'cause I've worked up a good rant here.

In its most simple form - government does not run like a family, individual or corporation for that matter. A prime example of a point when this is most necessary is wartime. Without some measure of deficit spending we could not have participated in, much less won WW2. In short we would allow the holocaust to continue until we decided how much it would cost to end it.

Currently we are involved in 2 wars and are supporting a military operations in a 3rd theater. Without getting into the contributing factors that got us there, I'm sure you will agree that they all cost on real dollars and unfortunately human lives.

Another difference - spending is constitutionally controlled by Congress and made law. So the bills that come due are from the prior direction of congressional law they must all be paid. The prioritization of debt is an area that should be considered, but we must remember that human lives and American families are impacted somehow, somewhere with every purchase and product or debt that goes unpaid.

Now there are some similarities if you've ever financed the purchase of a house, car or other large item you've certainly run the numbers for a cost/benefits and affordability. However one key difference - you probably never decided to build 2 houses & willingly cut your pay at the same time. We did with the early to mid 2000 tax cuts which became near catastrophic when paired with the recessions we were faced with and our ability to pay was further impaired. For a good overview see this post ->

Spending needs to be strategic in both domestic and international/military efforts. Waste, useless pork, fraud - should be sought out, eliminated & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But what we don't do is hold the full "faith & credit" e.g. prestige, power and international standing of the United States government hostage. To do so weakens our position internationally and strengthens our enemies, it will also subject the American consumer to rising costs of everything in the marketplace - gas, oil, food, cars, houses. It would "trickle down" to everyone and everything.

In 1979 we actually has a technical default for about 24 hrs due to a data processing error. It's been estimated that we still pay an additional 0.6% interest as a result and that was an 'glitch' in the system.

What would a 3-5% or more increase in interest rates do to your ability to buy a car or a home because of a real & purposeful default? Put that on top of a increase in cost to everyday living expenses food, gas, etc. Eliminate Fannie and Freddie, if you can qualify for a mortgage you're probably looking at between 8 & 14% interest with a good credit rating with a large down-payment.

While I do not suggest that rampant, wasteful spending is good; I do not subscribe that deficits in & of themselves are wholly wrong...yes, I am a Keynesian. We need to take a hard look at spending and make cuts. We need to reform the tax code & increase revenues...yes, that means that someone - corporations, millionaires, billionaires and perhaps even the middle class pay a bit more in taxes. I don't like it, but sometimes you realize it was part of the price of maintaining the best of what you've got while you work to improve upon your lot.

IMHO once the line to extremism has been crossed or to put it another way when one party refuses to work with another or refuses to compromise resulting in what essentially becomes a hostage taking situation then we have a problem.

Now this may make me a "wacko" but see multiple problems and spending is only one of them.

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Saints tickets arrived today & there's a 10$ deal for 20$ worth of Oysters & Drink from Cooter Browns. The Universe, sometimes she speaks to me.
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