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Our contents, articles and notes LEAVE FACEBOOK,
and in our Facebook only will stay the announcements about the publications in our new page!

1) For weeks, weekly and systematically, Facebook removes us from 250 to 350 followers, subscribers and 'likes', arguing that they 'ARE NO REAL'! Then those 'NO REAL ENTITIES', deleted by Facebook, send us hundreds of complaints via e-mail asking why they can not access the FB page for Friends!
A few weeks ago we were more than 31,000 and today we are less than 27,000 ... which means that in a few weeks we'll be alone with ourselves!
And if it were about the 'likes', WE HAVE NOT SPENT A CENT on their purchase and WE NEVER HAVE ENTERED to those sites dedicated to get or sell 'likes' ... ALL the 31,000 are REAL PEOPLE and related to basketball!

We got tired and before to stay alone with ourselves, we are currently moving ( due to the vacations, in a slow but sure rhythm! ) all of our contents, articles and notes to a more professional environment as Google + and at the FB pages only will stay the announcements about the publications in our new page!
We will not receive more friend requests for FB (in any way they will be erased in a few weeks because they 'ARE NOT REAL PERSONS'!) and today we invite all our current subscribers and friends to join us in the NEW COLLECTIONS of Google + at !

2) 118 days ago today since October 9 last year, this page has glitches in the 'Live Event' as well during the edition and correction of notes and photographs uploads. Since the first of these 118 days we made contact with the 'Help Service' of Facebook, always receiving an automatic response of a robot saying that our problem was being treated and the technicians were working on it ... 118 days and nothing? The 'Help Service Center' of Facebook DO NOT HELP at all! It's a great 'valley of lost questions' ... everyone asks and no one answers!
We got tired and leave Facebook alone with their videos of cuddly kittens !

All our contents, articles and notes are from now in our NEW COLLECTIONS of Google + in Please join us !

Prof. Roberto Azar
eBA Stats Group
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