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Shift Happens Best Wiki!!
This was my favorite from the Shift Happens  Wikis, “ Ted Talks” .This is a collection of
some very interesting topics including “ The Art of Stillness”, What Your
doctor won’t disclose’’,” A Flying Camera on a Leash” and my favorite one that
shows how to p...

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Shift Happens , Dutch Style!
Shift Happens NL. This is a Dutch version of  Shift Happens using many of the same
techniques and ideas. Teaching students to be the ‘’networked student’’.
Learning what wikis are is necessary in this day and age and this is an effort
to teaching people abo...

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Wikis on Shift Happens
am new to Wikis so it was interesting to finally learn something about
them.  Shift Happens apparently has  a large audience. While I knew technology
like this existed I was unaware to this extent. The wikis seemed to be used in different ways but
at thi...

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Flickr out of Control?
 As an assignment I was sent to the website Flickr. I had my images all ready having prepared them the night before. As I went to sign up it asked for a yahoo account.  I have an old account but they wanted a new account. I  started to comply with the wishe...

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Got too much time on your hands? Try!!
I went over to today to see what was going on with that site. I was very disappointing.This site is about bookmarking? People now feel they need to share their bookmarks with the world? It just rubbed my cynical self all wrong. Really? Sharing...

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Competitor Open Office , a Fierce Microsoft Competitor
Have you tried open Open Office yet? If you have recently bought a computer you might take a look at this ''Office Suite''. Open Office has pretty much the same features as Microsoft office suite, without the big price tag! How much is it you say? It’s an o...

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No Photoshop? Try Gimp!
Gimp is an open source generic photo manipulator that makes a good Photoshop substitute. I have downloaded this program and will be working with it. While I do have Photoshop it is nice to know there is a good generic for it.

Direct quote from their webs...

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Firefox Open Source Web Browser
I downloaded Firefox to review. One thing that really make Firefox a good browser are the add ons available. This really allows a user to customize their browsing experience adding items that they specifically need.
If you are looking for a new web browse...

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