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A friendly community of Achievement Hunters from across the globe!
A friendly community of Achievement Hunters from across the globe!


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It's time for the first championship of 2019 and it's not 🔥 it's ❄ COLD AS ICE ❄ . It's FrostRunner!! steam://install/934840
Time to compete for the fastest times in this First-Person Platformer. Can you figure out the best route and technical skills to challenge your fellow Pals?

The Championship will be held across 10 levels of varying styles and difficulties. The Pal with the fastest accumulated total time will win and take home the title @100Pals Champion (for an undetermined limited amount of time).

The levels and their specific difficulty settings are as follows;

*Prologue 5 (Final Test) - FrostRunner
Ring 3 (Keep Up) - FrostRunner
Ring 4 (Go Around) - IceBreaker
Ice 3 (Half Pipe) - IceBreaker
Fling 2 (Big Leaps) - FrostRunner
Fling 3 (Airtime) - FrostRunner
Fling 4 (Watch the Landing) - FrostRunner
Fling 5 (Left and Right) - FrostRunner
Chain 4 (Up and Over) - IceBreaker
Insanity 4 (Air Control) - FrostRunner*

To be Eligible for Prizes during this championship;
Do not use "Fling Tech" - This is flinging and resetting the map to maintain fling boost speed.
Do not use techniques, software, or tools to limit your fps in ways to gain an advantage on time, as fps can influence the timer.

Both of these methods are very noticable and please do not be offended if the Championship Staff collectively asks for a recorded video of a time.

The reason we are asking users not to use these methods is because we would like users to be eligible for the speed running leaderboards on At that leaderboard they currently do not allow times to be recorded for users who use those methods.

To submit your scores post an in-game picture of your end time or upload a video of the run in the #championship channel.
You can either stream it to twitch and highlight it there, or record it and upload it to services like
You may also ping @Championship Staff along with your post. Please only NEW Times.
We heavily encourage users to Record Video of their runs. Recording through OBS or streamlabs OBS is fast, easy, and low filesize. If you need help don't hesitate to ask us in the championship channel.
Recording also has the added benefit of making you eligible on

The Championship ends Sunday February 3rd 20:00 CET / 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST
To check out the full rankings visit


1st Place: Will win RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2, or their choice of game listed below, and the @100Pals Champion title (for an undetermined amount of time)
2nd Place:
5th Place : Will also win their choice of game listed below.

The Games available are; and are not limited to,

Yakuza 0
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
Tomb Raider (2013)
Human: Fall Flat
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
Action Henk
Hollow Knight
Wizard of Legend
Immortal Redneck
Darkside Detective
Little Nightmares

and other choices from

You can find us on Discord:

#gaming #achievementhunting #speedrunning #frostrunner #100Pals #championship
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The 100Pals website is live! You'll find lots of information there including Achievement Hunting rules, an abundance of Resources, Co-Op/MP servers, and an Appeal Forum for those who want to clean their profile of previously cheated games. Check it out:

#Achievements #gaming #achievementhunting #100Pals
Home · 100Pals
Home · 100Pals
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Steam is trying to battle fake (often spam) games again by now adding more restrictions such as a limit of 100 achievements, which won't count to global achievement count, and cannot be show on the steam showcases.

The games also won't give a +1 to your game count, and cannot be showcased in the game collectors showcase either.

After you have gained an achievement and added a new game to your account you may notice a (sometimes significant) drop in your stats.
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It's finally time for the second championship of 2018 and it’s going to be lit! This time around we will go hurdling in hell and compete for the fastest times in the First-Person-Platformer SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell.
The championship will be held across 8 different levels (one on each floor), the fastest combined time of all those will win and take home the title of the @100Pals Champion.
The levels are as followed:

- Level 1 - Labyrinth
- Level 15 - Make Away
- Level 26 - Hole in the Wall
- Level 32 - Fuse
- Level 46 - Bouncy Ball
- Level 53 - Dominoes
- Level 68 - Mine Field
- Level 72 - Horse race

To submit your scores, either @Championship-Staff in the chat, or just drop a picture if the chat is already active. Championship ends Sunday 6th May at 20:00 CEST.
Full rankings can be found in the 100Pals Championship Archive

As always, there are some sweet prizes to win:

1st Place: 15€ Steam Card and the @100Pals Champion title
2nd Place: 10€ Steam Card
3rd Place: 5€ Steam Card

In addition, everyone that submits a score has the chance to win a Humble Monthly Bundle! One copy will be raffled between all participants. Give the game a chance and try out your luck.

Shout outs to @Lokki who is donating 10€ towards the next Championship for every person that beats him in this one (up to 50€ max).

Also big shout out to the SEUM devs for sponsoring keys for this championship. Don’t forget to check out the official SEUM discord to talk with the top speedrunners and devs.

You can find us on Discord:

#100Pals #SEUM #gaming #speedrunning
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Steam just introduced new privacy settings. Notably, you can now have a public profile, but have private game data (achievements, playtime, stats). Horrifyingly, this new setting is friends-only by default for all steam users this morning. This means that for EVERYONE on Steam who doesn't change this setting, trackers are unable to scan them.

Please Visit your profile now and click > Edit Profile > Edit Privacy Settings and change Game Details from ‘Friends Only’ to ‘Public’.

This affects all trackers and third-party steam related websites. We currently do not know in how many ways this affects all sites and we will update for any changes that come from those sites. This includes but is not limited to Astats, CME, MGS, TSA, Steamspy, Steamdb, and more.
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Ace Of Spades Team Event Every Friday 11am PST/6pm GMT Until Server Shutdown On July 3rd

Ace of Spades is shutting down July 3rd 2018.

Every friday (at 11am PST, that is 6pm GMT and 8pm CEST) until July 3rd we will be running farming events for Ace of Spades to get achievements for members who need help finishing the game.

A large majority of the achievements can be done solo or 1v1, there are a few that require 4 or more players.

We will focus on those achievements each week while helping members earn all other achievements.

If you do not own the game you can still find it on humble bundle.

If you would like to donate a percentage of your purchase to you may also use this referral link at your own discretion.

We had huge success running our Batman Origins Multiplayer Events when their servers were scheduled to shut down. We look forward to pushing to get everyone more hundos before Ace of Spades servers shut down

As always, join us on our Discord:

#AceOfSpades #Steam #SteamAchievements #multiplayer #gaming
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We’re still coming down from the amazing event for the “Yes, I’m the Real Garry!” achievement, but we thought we’d take the time to give you all an update on how successful the event was.

According to our server console logs, well over 400 people got the achievement. In total, Garry was online for roughly 20 minutes - longer than any of us could have expected. If you didn't manage to join in time, know that we all tried our best and we’re very sorry. Demand for this was far greater than expected, but we should all be happy that we were able to get Garry to join at all.

We want to thank all of you for behaving appropriately during the hectic event. During the course of the event, only a couple people needed to be banned on 100Pals. Those of you who left immediately after getting the achievement helped everyone else who needed the achievement, and also made less work for our mod team on the server.

As a lot of you have noticed, AStats still has the achievement marked as broken/unobtainable. This is not expected to change but there will not be any problems on your account due to participating in this event. AStats mods were made aware of the event well in advance and have already accounted for it in their moderation.

In addition, please show your gratitude towards the 100Pals Mod Team and Ambassadors who helped out during the event. Due to the influx of new users, all the staff are still working to get through verifications for new users, so please be patient and make it as easy for our staff as possible by following the steps in #first-timers-read-this

Finally, as a thank you to @Mercury who made all this possible, he has been granted the @100Pals Champion role! However, he will still have to defend this title in the next championship!

#gmod #achievements #steamachievements #garrynewman
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Today is the day for our Garry's Mod event. Starting at 9PM GMT you will have a very rare chance of getting "Yes, I'm the real Garry" achievement in Garry's Mod.
Exact countdown can be found here

To join follow the directions found on the gmod server page.

Join and invite users to 100Pals to receive the password.

It is possible to idle in the server before the event should you not be able to make it in time. Please only do so if you know you wont be present.
If you idle, we cannot guarantee that you will get the achievement, as a ton of problems could arrive (e.g. restarting the server).
When you get the achievement you will be removed from the server to make room for more people since slots are limited.
The event is focused on getting the "Yes, I'm the real Garry" achievement so all other achievements can wait until another time as they are easily done.

We do not know how long Garry will be here, so please try to be on time. This may be the final chance to obtain this achievement.
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For those interested in completing Garry's Mod, or even just getting a rare achievement, there is going to be a chance to get the "Yes, I'm the real Garry" achievement in Garry's Mod. This is thanks to the efforts of Mercury who has arranged an event for this in partnership with Garry and 100Pals staff.

We have currently set a time and date for this at 4th of March, 9PM GMT. A countdown for this can be found at This countdown should display correctly in any timezone.

Before then, join 100Pals on our Discord:
The server details will be revealed when the time comes.

We do not know how long Garry will be here, so please try to be on time! This may be the final chance to obtain this achievement.

#garrysmod #gmod #achievementhunting #steamachievements
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MetaGamerScore is operating at a net loss and in danger of shutting down. The popular achievement tracking website tracks achievements from numerous platforms, from Steam to WoW, to PSN, to XBL, and many more. Losing it would be a great loss to the community.
Please consider donating if you have the means.
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