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How come I've never seen this before???
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Haven't seen it yet (can't watch videos @work), but the screen reminded me of another video that I just posted.
Talk about Venus and Mars. Brilliant 
Indeed. As with size - what you have is not as important as how you're using it...
Alternatively, you could just lick the hell out of her until she nearly crushes your head with her thighs while she comes like a maniac, & not get all hung up on the deeper meaning behind it all.
+Jenny Lauer yeah, but after she comes I like to slow down for a little while and then keep on licking until the postman rings twice ;)
Ah, but plane tickets are expensive! Jus' sayin'...
I generally like to give a new partner an orgasm or two before we get our clothes off.
Ah, so we did. I used to watch lesbian porn to learn how to give oral sex by the masters (so to speak). Who would know better what a woman likes in terms of cunnilingus than a woman?
Vlad, you aren't going to learn anything about getting women off from porn, lesbian or otherwise.
This makes me glad to be single... on all counts.
The more I read this thread the more I realize that not every woman is the same and most definitely not every man is the same. 
I feel like I've walked in on a private conversation! :)
+Lee Willson Too many examples to mention but I'll give you one. Women are contrary. They can be like an on/off switch provided you know which button to press. Or they need an abundance of foreplay (which is not always sexual) before they come close to wanting to cum. It's very very situational.
Ah, good. Since the subject is more or less out there...

Womenz...stop scraping your teeth!
+Lee Willson Here's a tip for any situation in life. The worst they can say is 'no'. Then you know and you can move on. Fear borne from shyness is a breath away from cowardice and living your life with regrets.
+Jason Horton I don't have any real-life lesbian friends, that's why I have to rely on conversations like this one or porn or my personal experiences to get better... And if I do say so myself, I'm quite good at it. And like +Lee Willson said - there are many different types of porn and not all of it is the nasty shit most people imagine. But I digress... really, the best way to learn is hands on (or tongue on as the case may be) experience. And talking about it. And being honest about it. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and I have learned to channel my "talents" (for want of a better word) to make sure that the lady I'm with is always satisfied.

+Christopher Yost - any relation to Graham? ;)
Hell, I had a coworker that gabbed me up constantly, took lunches with me almost every day and was generally my "work wife". This went on for a month. I asked her out, finally, and she said something about nlt giving her phone number out to strangers and then, while still doing the whole work wife thing, told others I was stalking her.

Friend told me, HR got involved amd they canned her loopy ass.

I thought such stories were myth or "extreme" deviations before then. Bah.
+Kate Savage Educate your visitors on the power of 69 :) Your thread your job.
+Christopher Yost WTF? No, what do you mean? Seriously, I don't know what I said to offend you, but I swear it's a misunderstanding.
+Christopher Yost sorry, but I don't see the humour in calling someone a racist. It could be the language barrier, I dunno... Anyway, I was serious when I asked the question - do you have any relation to Graham Yost?
+Christopher Yost My similar story wasn't as bad as that, thank fuck. I was working in HK, & I had a coworker who had a very obvious crush on me for ages, I ignored her until I finally decided to quit the company, & made alternate arrangements. Then I invited her out for dinner.
Women should be a li'l more assertive in the pickup game and a lot more assertive/definitive in the rejection/not interested department.

Girls rarely say "no". They hem and haw with "not now"s and "maybe later"s. Then, later, when the guy asks again they run to their friends to mention this sudden creep that won't leave her alone.

That is where most of the confusions lay and problems arise.
+Vlad Taushanov It's all about word-play, baby. Graham...graham cracker...cracka...

And not that I know of, though there may be a distant relation. Most Yosts I've encountered, where we bothered to check, ended up as cousins.

Why? And who's Graham Yost?
+Christopher Yost he's a screenwriter and I'm a huge fan of his work. He wrote (among others) "Speed" and "Broken Arrow".
+Jenny Lauer Well I was younger and much less indescriminate 'bout such things. ;)

Nowadays I may as well be the work priest. But if she's really hot then I become the work dirty ol' preacher...
+Vlad Taushanov Ah, okay.

As to being related, just like why a women must use the bathroom with the door open, I have no clue.

I should hit him up for cash and see what he says.
Speaking of stalking....

Just noticed a post from +Jeri Ryan on Google+ (or at least from her account).

So, yeah, I'm lusting again.
Ah, Jeri Ryan... If I were a stalker she'd by the object of my stalking affections :D
She doesn't seem very bright, though...
As for my English - I'll start writing "colour" without the "U" when I win the Green Card :D
Well you can't marry me for it. I don't do gay.

I love lesbians, of course, but dudes turn me right off. Besides, I'm not in the Navy any more...
Whatever happened to "opposites attract"? That was a good song, though. And Paula Abdul was so yummy in the video. I miss Pop-Up Video...

I drifted off again, didn't I? :|
got a smile out of me, but a bit stereotypical and predictable
He got on time to watch the game that was great
Finally got home and I watched it. Pretty funny, but... Not all guys are like that is all I'm saying.
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