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I refer to my previous meme's :P
It is amazing that not only is the speech of men.
...& the rest are going down with the ship.
you right but more than that percentage find actual sex every day too :))
By the lucky chance of fate... I have a football jacket from Roselle Park High School from the class of 1969. So, on the back of the jacket is a giant football with a giant (69) embroided on it in red. So, I guess I'm definitely in the 69 percentile.
I am 1 of those lucky 69%, what about you
I'd better put this bowl of porridge down...before something untoward happens.
Oh, clearly haven't lived! ;o)
+Tyger Doyle i ws just hvng fun..making conversation mre btr n see u spoiled it..!! u even cnt imagine hw mch do i live..!!:D
Everything has 'thing' in it... fnurk
Yes, I know. And now you've lost some of your vowels...
u cn fill thm up if u wnt!!! it mst b diffclt 4 u to undrstnd..!!:P
Hah! 69% of all statistics are made up.
J Agnew
We Are The 69%!
^^^ That deserves a meme.
69% seems kind of low to me as sexual content has increase at least tree fold in past decade.
We'll just have to comment until it does.
I see, well, yes. I'd have to say that I am a member of that group. 
My notifications are driving me crazy - they're all marked as read - mysteriously this one is always fine :)
I just ate a banana in my cube. I should've walked around and made lots of eye contact. Dammit!
A traffic jam is a challenge, though.
Why do woman prefer 88 over 69?.... They get ate twice....
That's okay. I lasted 30 seconds. The extra minute and a half was just gratuitous.
Can we be sure of this +Kate Savage , when 82% of all statistics are made up on the spot?
And the other 31% are trying to figure out what that means.
GEEZ!!! I have to take a day off & just LOOK what explodes over here!!! That's it, it's settled, I just can't take a day off!! The universe might explode the next time!!! #suchpressure!!
please don't say this ... it makes me ... hmmm... horny
I guess the most sexual for them is 69 number itself... Though I'm sure the rest 31% will find 69 sexual too :)
Dude I'm such a horndog. That is so me lol.
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