Spiderific Circle
Via +Jessica Wood +Jo Anne Thomas
I was thinking the other day about the old game Telephone and how it could make creating new circles and finding new people a lot of fun. This is what came of the first round of thinking on it. Can we make one small circle spider through G+ creating many new circles in its wake?

I put in top people that I enjoy interacting with from my circles. There are many more...but the point isn't to add everyone here at once.
What I would like is if anyone is interested in being in this circle or adding to the cool people in this circle to follow these quick instructions (feel free to help clarify or to give me ideas to improve them!)

-Add this as a new circle (I named my Spider so I could keep track of changes)
-Add yourself (if you are not already in it) and a few of your top people to it.
-Share the new circle you made
-Tag the share #CircleSpider so we can keep track of all of the new circles made and new people added.
-Paste these instructions in with each share or link to this post.

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