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I just LOLed of this
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Yes, at least there are no paedophiles in the Catholic Church.....?
Back to Catholic Church, they have more power and more money ... ;-) örgs
Katie who? Who is this schizo tramp?
Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
+VICKIE STRACENER: do you always write in all caps? I bet Jesus doesn't. He knows that only rude blowhards go off in all caps about things they know little about.
Pretty girl, but alas - she's dumber than a brick :D
TL:DR - We don't all have time for people that can't communicate effectively, like you.

Full Text:   When you type in all caps, people stop paying attention to what you have to say.  You come across as someone with nothing 'real' to say at all, and you also come across as someone that can't seem to communicate in a rational and effective way.  When on G+, couch your statements & arguments in normal sized text, and provide a TL:DR summary up front.  We don't all have time to read everything you have to say, nor do we care to, when you're keying in all caps.
+Kate Savage sheesh! And to think I almost didn't post that comment because I thought it might be too vicious... You're a badass, +Kate Savage ... I've never been more attracted to you! :D
+VICKIE STRACENER, M-Theory is the new religion now a day, as it harmonized and meld peacefully between religion and science.
+VICKIE STRACENER Glad you got your keyboard fixed.  Satan isn't any more real than Xenu either.  Welcome to the 21st century.
+Gary Cameron She didn't get it fixed.  She still seems to be incapable of correct capitalization, contractions, and punctuation.  If you aren't going to communicate effectively, stop communicating, +VICKIE STRACENER .  Your message is getting lost by virtue of how you are attempting to transmit it.
+VICKIE STRACENER 1 Timothy 2:12 "I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet."  In other words, the NT bible says STFU.
lol, have any of you heard the phrase, "Don't feed the troll." Or do you guys just like poking sticks at the troll to watch it squirm?

+VICKIE STRACENER as +Gary Cameron pointed out:
Timothy 2:12 "I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet." 
Was that a computer mouse or a real mouse? :)
I made the mistake of visiting +VICKIE STRACENER 's profile.  She re-posts the same things over and if she has a following and/or audience?  She has 82 people in her circles.  Block/mute/whatever her.  She's a nuisance.
Wow, obvious troll is obvious.
Where does one find a higher percentage of devoutly religious persons than in churches?

Prisons and mental institutions.
Oh she's here. Yup I did uncircle her the other day. her posts which filled my stream were all copy pasted from Wiki including the links man. facepalm

Hahahha all the comments!!!

+Dirk Talamasca couldn't throw it at the monitor can't you?
from teh beginning of fb hahahaahhahaha fecking nutjob.
I have studied Scientology for a while now. LRH said it a number of times that he "probably should start a religion" because that's where the money is. The fact that these people don't see that... These guys should not get any tax benefits. That's what bothers me :)
I'm actually happy I just uncircled and didn't block you Vickie. I've never had this laugh this week. Hehehe.
+VICKIE STRACENER what are you saying friend? Can you fit everything in like one sentence? I am not sure where you are going with this.
It seems to me that she's been blocked from outside communications last couple of years.. o.O
Yup that's just the right place for you +Kate Savage. Who's to be our first sacrifice?
+Kate Savage You will need a revealing outfit adorned with jewels and precious metals as high priestess..  So let it be written! So let it be done!
Orgies trump ALL CAPS.. always have.. always will.
Those horny creatures, perfect for the ceremonial orgy.
And this is supposed to be an improvement?
I love Picard!  I hope he does not read this thread and encounter Vickie or else he may concuss himself to death.  Catholicism is no preparation for a life, so little Katie will just keep on making lots of mistakes in her personal life.
Hahahahaha, she's cute.... Though I wouldn't wanna touch her with a 20 foot pole now, she's damaged goods for sure !!
+Kate Savage I'd jump her too, don't know what sense +Raj Rajput thinks she's damaged goods, in this day and age I'm sure we can work around it! :)
As for her comments, we should be used to it by now, we've been living with that type of thinking for, well, forever!
Damaged goods as in she's rebounding from one hellhole to another.... Talk about getting brainwashed, +Adv Solorider !!
I'm a recovering Catholic...but I need to know, did she say that, because I'm wondering if her IQ slipped a few points or something.
The internet is not going to let Katie live this one down...
+Kath GM She can rest assured that Suri will be safe now. Catholic priests only go after little boys. ;) (Did I just go the easy route with a cheap pedo joke? Sorry I am waking up now and my eyes are still swollen shut and resisting their inevitability.)
If I were Tom Cruise I would do more interesting things with Katie Holmes instead of bring her to a church...

Stupid religions, as all institutions...
I loathe evangelists. They look better giving their sermons hanging from meat-hooks. Why does religion attract the biggest nuts in our society? Ahhh - because it calls for complete devotion to something that lacks the ability to be disproven (or validated) ... a perfect vehicle for schizophrenics and the mentally disturbed among us.
Stigmata, anyone?
Did she actually say this? That would be shockingly ignorant.
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