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I don't know what Google have against #testicles , it's an organ like any other.
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Google just needs to figure out how to cater to an adult audience before it loses its battle with FB, as it is pissing off and losing a lot of users by banning them or their friends. So many of my banned friends have totally give up and not come back.
Nice artice you linked here, I enjoyed reading. I don't understand the problem with #testicles ... you have them or you have them not (poor thingy g)
That caturday shite is OK, but #testicles isn't? Load of bollocks.
We should do Vagina next. I'm sure Google has a their trending system that we can penetrate.
Should doctors not use this word?
Don't censor my #testicles!
Google+ without #testicles is just a Ggle+!
Wow! Google have really started something now. It is like telling a kid they cannot do something, and now they have to do it. Okay, what I am saying, they have now brought attention to #testicles
Agreed, #vaginas should be the next trending topic...Whenever. And after that, #breasts or #butts . #Butts being the gender neutral erotic region of the body.
Someone at google should get the sack for this.
+Kate Savage It looks like all hell is breaking loose now. Do you think G+ has allowed enough comment space for this? Only 500 entries. Okay, everyone will have to start using the +1 to make up for it.
I teabagged my stream. (with #testicles.)
say #nuts if you love #testicles!! what?!
Maybe #castration should also be tried for a trending topic, since that's precisely what's happened here...In a way. =P
+Kate Savage 500 comments per post. It is okay, once 500 comments have been reached, someone can reshare your post and on we go.
########## .. amg! .. i cant type it in anymore! Damn you Google censorship!
can we get some trending #nuts #balls #gonads and #sacks please?!
+Kate Savage That is what I have been telling you about the 500 comments about #testicles
The other day I was walking down the street and there was a VW parked with #testicles hanging under the back of the car. These actually looked very real. That was really funny to see.
I'm so sorry I logged in this afternoon! #ballstorm.
So, we can have either only one #testicle or a whole #testiclefestival ?
This shows how interesting the g+ community is. G+ community has a personality. Don't know why the would take it off the trend but it doesn't bother me.
Lets see if Google will censor balls?
+Ambra Vanderpool, I think #testicletuesday flows better. Maybe it's just me? (Also, it's sooner.)
Aah, was unaware of that.
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