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Vatican Attacks US Nuns For Fighting Poverty Instead Of Gay Marriage [The New Civil Rights Movement] The Vatican this week attacked America’s nuns for spending too much time working to help the poor and fight poverty, and not spending enough time attacking same-sex marriage. The criticism, considered formal disciplinary action against the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which represents over 55,000 nuns in the United States, also labeled as “grave and a matter of serious concern,” that the nuns are not sufficiently denouncing abortion, Obamacare, and women’s ordination.

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I'm confused now. Who should irritate me most - Politicians, Patent Lawyers or Religious Zealots?

Decisions, decisions... I think the folks with the Invisible Friend in the Sky have to win, the other two at least worship something at least vaguely tangible.
Sorry but that is a bit pathetic - what is the church really meant to be standing for?
What on earth does the Vatican have against Obamacare, of all things? The other stuff is at least consistent with their doctrine, wrongheaded though it is, but healthcare?
+Guy Eastwood I'm with you on that one - religious zealots have a lot to answer for - unfortunately they're never brought to the stand to do that
It's about time aliens landed and told everyone we were an experiment and show us the video footage of all the bible stuff to prove it.

"Yeah that one's Jesus, as you guys call him, man he was a menace when he had too much wine. Yep that's him mooning the apostles."
All those old men are so damned out of touch!
So, what happens if you're poor and gay?
Anyone who knows me, also knows that I disapprove of homosexuality. But - come on - FEEDING people takes priority over debating sexual preferences! If they starve, they're no fun to argue with!
These are the same guys who said Galileo was an idiot....and burned cats and women for being "witches" and tortured natives to convert them to a more loving religion.....

Nothing has changed.
motherfuck the #vatican they like #diddlers and #skinners but god forbid should they nuns actually be doing what #jesus preached
All the while the Church hierarchy turns a blind eye to pediphiles...damn the homosexuals! Huh? The usual religious logic.

The Vatican and the Pope...all I can say is it is time to bring back the lions....
Uhm, weren't many of the paedophilia cases ones involving male clergy abusing young boys?
Almost makes one think they don't want to make any sense atall...
The catholic church has some seriously confused priorities!
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