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India too is fine.....:)
We r still alive.......
Fetches the world back from the recycle bin.
yes..u can see it frim the recycle bin.
Yea right not for another 200 years, what's going to happen today is that the sun will a line with the sun, the will look like if it's cut in half u will be able to see it if u have a telescope.I love science, look for my post on the earth article.
...which keyboard has a delete button in that position? 
macs do...don't they?
+patrick kanne That is because they are short on function ( too many keys confuse the lack-of-wits )

Do you know why the MAC originally had just 1 mouse button?
Hey, +Kate Savage , since this is the end of the world and all.....I mean....well, I've know....

You don't want to die a virgin, do ya?!?
It's where the Backspace key is. Japan prolly has just the delete key and then you use shift to decide the direction.
+Philip Rowney : I understand and completely agree the sentiment but not wanna get into a pile-on-apple debate here..
Hmmmmm, I'm awake. Maybe it was a zombie apocalypse...checks out side, no zombies.

The world must not be ending after all. Oh yeah didn't the Mayan's not account for leap years so the world should have ended days ago.

I feel bad for everyone who actually believed that the world was going to end. 
What you can't see is the other hand pressing the Ctrl + Alt!
Woke up, and it is snowing.
alt+ctrl+del ....there. if that doesn't work, try turning it off and on again. 
The end of the world was over 2 hours ago and still ... not on NBC News yet ... whaussup with that?
I can't believe you guys are arguing over what kind of keyboard that is at a time like this...kinda makes it all feel anti-climactic 
+patrick kanne No sir, you are wrong. If you need proof I can provide it, but I have DEFINITELY seen a mac keyboard with F keys... Oh, and Sorry +Larry Deahl ...the boredome of a Friday at work where everyone is mostly gone is... well...tremendous. 
+patrick kanne It's very small-minded to aSSume I was an Apple knocker.

I am talking about history.

One mouse button so you could actually use the system with a single finger.  Steve wanted disabled children able to use the original system.

Just some trivia. But, you are closed-minded, whatever! 
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