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The world's most dangerous market.

I seriously watched it like 15 times straight.

How crowded should an area be for people to trade in such a dangerous environment?
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That's crazy. My brain is still trying to process it and make sense of what I am watching.
no its not india...kate u lollllllll.....
I'm guessing the track doesn't get much use. The rail isn't bright and shiny.
Dear +Kate Savage, did you get your new look (the one on your profile photo) on this market? I wondered all morning about it :P
I wonder, really, if anyone has been seriously hurt.
Dear +Kate Savage, it really sets my mind to peace on this holiday, that your new look is just a result of photoshopping a pic and not the result of a dreadful accident ;)
Dear +Kate Savage, compared to the political parties we have in germany, I would always prefer the word of a zombie as absolutely trustworthy and believable :P
"You're a zombie!"

"No I'm not. I'm a Congressman!"

"That's what I said..."
Fresh cabbage! (three seconds later) Steam Pressed cabbage!
They're obviously used to it, see how none of the products gets damaged and how they bring down the thingy after it has passed
"I still don't see why this has to go to HR! I just want a doctor!"

"Ma'am, I understand but if you could just tell me again."

"Fine. Look, I was at my stall when the guys ran a train on me..."
Did I say 'thingy'? Oh I meant Thingy. Some call it a canopy... thingy idd :p
this is hugely sped up and a bit alarmist! watch it on youtube and you'll see that they get many warnings before the train arrives and when it does go through it's much quicker than walking speed! yes it's dangerous but very manageable for the locals.
These Poor people area must have been occupied by govt. to built Train Tracks there.

How IS there nothing disturbed by the wind generated by the train?
Eventually some government do-gooder with a badge and gun and nice rule book will come down there are 'protect' everyone. Protect them out of their ability to make a living.
+Lionel Lauer Capable? Yes. Inclined? No. The willingness of the average person to read a thread before posting is inversely related to how long it is. Do I really need to read three hundred comments just to "earn the right" to post "wow, that's crazy?"
+Matthew Young No, but if you ask questions that've been answered multiple times in the thread, don't be surprised if people assume you're an idiot.
+Lionel Lauer I'm never surprised at that. The internet is full of morons that make stupid assumptions.
+Lionel Lauer and you asked am obvious question that should have clued you in to WHY I did that, but was still unable to figure it out.

Go figure.
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