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I'm sorry fellow police officers, but you keep on doing excessively stupid things.
William C LopezZoe West, who was arrested in Midtown while being painted by artist Andy Golub.
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okay i get it they just wanted to "cop" a feel.
Who knows what insidious weapons are hiding beneath a coat of paint.
The human body & human nature seem to be prohibited in some areas of the world.
Like everything in life, there are good people and there are bad people.  When bad people are found in a role with authority they should promptly be removed which, unfortunately, doesn't happen.
head desk

I'll be locking myself in my home now and never leaving again.
J Agnew
Wait..they let her get dressed THEN frisked her???
This isn't evil or an abuse of power. 
It's just dumb.
At least it was a female officer.
To quote the internet: What is this I don't even...
A woman did the frisking as if that's less demeaning. Reminds me of a quote by Oscar Wilde: 'Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace.'
J Agnew
+Dede Craig I simply meant at least they followed protocol. Again, it was an incredibly stupid chain of events.
So, this happened in "The Land of the Free", correct?
Why are Americans (generalization) so afraid of naked flesh?
+J Agnew Sorry I didn't even see your comment when I responded. 
Honestly I think this boils down to one man's bad judgement, and a few supervisors trying how best to manage a lemon. Still, the suit has merit IMHO.
This is outrageous.'ve taken a completely nude woman into custody.  She doesn't have a stitch of clothing, to say nothing of a concealed weapon.  You give her clothes.  _Then frisk her as if she might have magically conjured a machete in the interim._  

  How stupid can you get?  
seems they never comment. especially when they know they are wrong.
+Kate Savage We should do this in Leicester Square. Let's test the Brit copper sensibilities. 
How can you frisk a naked babe. I like the artwork btw
Hey, all that paint could be highyl explosive!
People offended with the human body should commit suicide... that way they wouldn't be forced to live inside the object of their hate... And they would let us live in peace.
J Agnew
Now that we've all had a moment to breathe...
A painted nude model was not frisked, a painted clothed model was. 
Again, that makes no sense.
Her lawyer states "they'd been assured by the city that West wouldn't be arrested" 
How are patrol officers supposed to know that? Shouldn't she have had a written "assurance from the city"? 
I have no clue as to the laws and regs about performance art in NYC.
Her treatment after the arrest is inexcusable, she should have been allowed to dress immediately.
Maybe the cops felt threatened. I bet she doesn't quite weigh 100lbs
J Agnew
+Brett Lipton The article says they arrested her after she took off her G-string fwiw.
So much for performance art. .. Unless the cops were in on it.
Sounds like a horny cop.  What did we expect was going to happen when we give "people" these ridiculous powers?  I expect there are a lot of these types of people lining up to join the TSA so they can get their jollies there as well.
I love the NY Post.  The headline reads, "Nude painted model frisked", which is technically true, but misleading by design.  Note this sentence from the article:

"She was finally handed her clothing and taken to a room to dress, and when she was done, 'a female officer searched her, patting her down,' the suit says."

She was nude and frisked, but not at the same time.

NOTE:  I don't condone what the NYPD did in the least, but I just had to point out the sensationalist "news" reporting.
I assume she was searched because procedure says everyone must be searched. Even when common sense and "procedure" disagree not following procedure is a career limiting manuever.
no she was released without charge, but not without being pawed!
In remark, before reading the article, I was attacked by a woman with a knife she hid in her vag.

Go to any cop bar, they'll regail ya (if ya buy the drinks) of a horrific amount of such instances.
Agreed +Celeste Sanders . There was no need at all, but the reality of the absurdity wasn't quite as absurd as the Post's byline.
Oh c'mon, +Kate Savage ! This one is even worse than the border crossing one!

She's already naked before god and country but then starts bitching about being naked?!?

Also, she was never manhandled. She wasn't even frisked until after she was clothed.

I'm almost positive for nude anything they'd need a permit, something that would have easily stayed the police.

Hell, their concern could have simply been for any youths nearby or potentially.

Wait, why don't we read the police's reasons in the fair and balanced article.

she had permission ahead of time for the artistic expose' for anyone who did NOT by chance read the article....
the two dumb cops had to release her too, I GUESS THEY ATE THE MEMO WITH THEIR DOUGHNUTS!
+Matt Zamecnik If I had I mighta noticed the switchblade handle. :P

No, she got away with a light pat down because she bitched up a storm and the kid was new.

I'm not po-po, by the way. Military. This was during a stint with 'em.
On this not when we fly we need to take of our shoes because of the shoe bomber now must people take off there underwear because of the underwear bomber or shoe vaginas because there might be explosives
NO Christopher Yost, i find you cantankerousness and cancerous, and as such as it is i have come to the conclusion that you must be what they refer to as a TROLL on here. i think you are a perverted, narrow-minded, egotistical ass who wouldn't know truth even if it ARRESTED YOU! 
She didn't have a permit, and the city gives permission through permits.

Her lawyer said that "someone from the city gave them permission" which, in legalese, means jack shit.

Who gave them permission? The lawyer would have dropped that name in a New York second if it was viable.

Am I the only one with reading comprehension and critical thinking abilities?!? :/
Look at our president at least 51% of the USA does not
Did I just read shoe vaginas? :P

+Matt Zamecnik The reason all that is done (haven't heard of underwear removal except for extreme cases) is because they are viable threats.

They were attempted before, successfully for underwear bomber, because they weren't checked.

Of course everyone bitches. They're morons and that's what morons do.

We could stop. And when another tragedy occurs those very same morons will blame the government for not doing anything.
West's lawyer, Ron Kuby, said they'd been assured by the city that West wouldn't be arrested because she was only baring all for an art project, but three cops moved in to bust her. "Visibly unnerved by Ms. West's removal of her panties, Sgt. [Anthony] Fusaro told Ms. he had to 'bring her in,'" the suit says.

Read more:

mayhap you are just an EGOTISTICAL NUT S@CK THEN.
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I see that and take out the shoe typo I did not mean they shouldn't It was a comment on it
so in other words you you are a fucking wannabe Christopher Yost, and i assume one that can't pass the psyche test in the real world. GO FIGURE!
Matt Zamecnik, WHATEVER! i just wonder how you guys would feel if that was your daughter? or your mother? or your sister? or your wife?
 then stand back and crack your jokes crackers!
i am done here today. so ha ha and ke ke but it don't bother me? she could have been my daughter you assholes.
Kate Savage, its been another wild ride and an eye opener to the same old shit. i appreciate it. its always a blast sorry if i was disruptive, but of course you know i don't give fuck about chauvinistic idiots anyway. i think a lack of home training.
It's not about what that woman does with her body that's at issue, you idiot. It's whether she should have done it publicly at that location.

You moron.
whatever you say, but i bet you die a lonely old man in a mumu. Christopher Yost, i think you are probably a latent homosexual with control issues. my emotions are free and controlled by the simple likes of thee. but you bring up interesting things in the shit you spout. the often unsaid speak loudly, so whats is your excuse. it would be ok if it were your woman or girl suppose. OH YEAH if they were yours (like property) they would have never there huh? atleast  not without you watching and cracking jokes right?
i think its called tis= testicular irritation syndrome. but its cool. ya'll have nice one now. i care little about little men!
I have been always curious about those worried about youngsters seeing a female body as something pernicious. Is there any peer-reviewed paper on an indexed scientific journal that have ever stated that a youngster watching body art is harmed?
+Kate Savage If a permit wasn't needed than the police wouldn't have done anything. If she was on private property with permission and away from public view she wouldn't need a permit.

If she requires permission from the city SURPRISE...permit required.

Which is how a city shows permission.

But mayhaps there are no anti-nudity statutes there?...
+Hernan Toro I think the psych circles view it as debilitating after a certain age. Father/daughter mother/son.

It was some time ago.
your welcome Christopher Yost. i think it is nice to see such an intellectual such as yourself condone yourself. for one who preaches to look both sides of the fence i think you tripped and hit your head, but that's cool.
i just do not get your need to always take a different side when you infer the importantance to see it both ways and come to better common conclusions, yet you always antagonize instead of presenting better conclusions for both sides.
in this case she was well aware of what she was doing, where she was doing it, and even had lawyer there. what doesn't click for you pal? 
+Gabriel Hilbert In the spirit...

I don't tolerate purposefull ignorance nor purposefull stupidity.

Which has happened here, again.

It's a very obvious misleading story that people latched to because, to them, it feels good to be morally outraged (read my false morallity blog).

They don't care about the facts. Hell, read the article again and then read back the replies. Most of them don't make sense.

Your bit about two sides is functionally false. Yes, there are usually two or more "sides" to every story.

But only one truth.

That wouldn't be an issue except, today, when people claim "two sides" what they are functionally stating is they want you to believe their version of truth.

All these outright lies are committed through choice. Willfully. With intent.

The flipside being that being correct required no special skill, no advanced training. It only requires honesty.

I do not respect people that choose dishonesty.

Now, I can be all fatherly, logical and helpfully explain reality. It doesn't work.

This is not simple ignorance but purposefull ignorance by choice.

Fuck them and their degredation of our society.
 Christopher Yost,
whatever you feel is for you and i still have to say she was well prepared for exactly what she was doing, with a lawyer in tow i might add.
if it was a challenge for artistic expression then she was well prepared and was keen to make sure she was within the law. 
i guess the issue falls to whether she was wrong or right? the moral issue of whether the law was right? or was it indeed necessary to frisk her?(with her lawyer there i assume).
i believe she was after her 15min. of fame and got it, but i still see no need to frisk a nude woman in this instance. what was the challenge she was after i do not think the article adequately covered. she got everything she wanted except the frisking part. sop i would say in any case though. 
anyway, it is not all that important as more than likely it was for the attention anyway which makes her just as wrong in any case. two wrongs do not make a right, and i do not like that it is a shameful waste of the system in any regards.
but did they really need to frisk her or did they because they could?
that is in a sense just as bad to me too.
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