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So you thought my morning floods photo was bad? How about getting a pet shark along with filthy water in your living room? Now in New Jersey homes.
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This increases the value of the homes, right? Porch, running-water swiming pool and large-scale live fish!
Why is this surprising? In Florida we get gators in floods. Big deal. Normal, and expected. Now if you also see snakes...
These are all fake unfortunately :(
Grab a pole... Dinner is served 
See here:

"Michael J. Faris alerts us to what’s been reported as the original source of the shark picture - this guy’s Facebook page. He gives his location as Brigantine, NJ; he’s also got lots of other pictures of the flooding there. And he has the shark picture.

But he also has the second shark picture - the one we know is definitely a fake. And he keeps insisting it’s real, while his friends in the comments congratulate him on his Photoshop skills. And, in what my finely honed internet detective skills suggest could possibly be the giveaway comment beneath the first shark picture, one of his friends says “That’s the leopard shark from la jolla cove nice try kevO”. So, yeah. Fakety fakety fake."
Scroll further +River Williamson, almost 100% chance that it's faked.  I love the almost appropriate name btw.
Shark is delicious. Unfortunately shark thinks the same of us...
Hey shoo him into the dinning room and serve HIM up before he serves you up !
Hey, back in the early 1900's or late 1800's they had a Great White that eat his way along the "Jersy Shore, and up some rivers, He even patrolled of Atlantic City if memory serves.
If Jersey Shore is anything like the TV program...
wooow whats going this days ???
Does that qualify as an exotic pet?
Glad you're well enough to post pics!
That's scary 2 attacks in 2 years were I live. 
Hi there handsome its been a while now where have you been
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