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House of Commons style debate where you're converting members to your position. You keeping making counterarguments until someone wins the day.
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Within the next week or so, we will relaunch the Dawning Star website. We will be posting regular updates about the status of the design. When we get far enough along, we will open it up for playtesting. I am hopeful of getting it to a Kickstarter sometime over the summer with print publication by the end of the year. Of course, twixt the cup and the lip and all that. I also just posted four events for Gen Con and am planning to run more DS Fate through Games on Demand.

Thanks for your interest.
Has anyone seen anything about the Dawningstar Fate conversion? As a huge fan of both FATE and Dawningstar I've been searching for info about it to tide me over until its release but I can't seem to find anything.

Apparently my Google-fu is weak :(

Edit: Fixed my error so as to avoid spreading confusion.
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