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Love this post over at A Dress A Day. +Erin McKean nails it about ridiculous DRM as it relates to sewing patterns. This spills over into lots of other areas, too, like embroidery, but I'll leave that rant for later. Besides, Erin did a such a great job, I don't really need to add to it.
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Enjoyed the comments. This person's woes are evocative:
"I ordered a few from the McCall's line--two on clearance, one regular price (club member's price) late Sunday night. I realized just after placing the order that I had ordered the full-price one in the wrong size. Customer service was not open until the next morning.I called first thing in the morning my time (two hour difference) and inquired. They insisted the order was already processed and could not be changed, but once I received the pattern I could send it back with a money order for $4 shipping and have it exchanged for the correct size.I then totalled it up--$6 for the money order from Canada Post, $4 shipping, and about $2.50 to ship it back. I might as well just buy the pattern again in the correct size--it would cost me the same. Up until then, I'm not too bugged about it. I should have checked before finalizing the order.What DOES burn me is receiving the e-mail THURSDAY MORNING that my order has been shipped. The order that on MONDAY MORNING they couldn't possibly change because it was already being processed."
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