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John Paraiso
Just your average atheist here in Manila, Philippines.
Just your average atheist here in Manila, Philippines.

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You Just Keep On Missing the Target
Oh my, talaga po bang may pagka-duling kayo when it come on hitting the target? No offence… teka, anyway, since I wasn’t even “tag” sa post mo where you mentioned my name (at nagkamali ka pa), I will be doing the same thing to you since I’m really not plann...

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Is morality objective or subjective?
Last week, I saw a post in Facebook courtesy of Mr. Reynaldo Awa in which he address the issue regarding objective morality. He started the post by defining “subjective” in which he said, “A concept only becomes subjective IF and ONLY IF that concept is a m...

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Facebook Time!
Hayz, the limitation of having no Internet connection, but still modern technology has its advantages. So today, I will be discussing some posted comments from some of my recent posts – minus the typical Christian bickering of course. I find these comment p...

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Facts vs. Religious Conviction
I’ve noticed that most god-believers seems to be allergic with scientific and historical facts, especially if these facts will collide with their religious belief. Wow! And they will claim that their religious belief is factual and scientific? Anyways, here...

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Counting Sheeps

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When you find a unicorn in the Bible, most Bible apologists will say that it was because of wrong translation.  So, you think you're better in Hebrew compare to all of King James 72 scholars? Anyway, the issue is if there’s a unicorn mentioned in the Bible ...

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Albert Einstein on the Judeo/Christian God and the Bible
So, you guys think that Einstein believed your Christian/Bible deity when he said that “science without religion is blind” huh? Better read this… On January of 1954, just a year before his death, Albert Einstein wrote the following letter to philosopher Eri...

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A Blind Argument
So here we go again, another claim of a “perfect human design.” Today’s topic will be a little bit easier to grasp because we’ll be dealing only one human body part – the eye.  When we talk about “design’ that means a plan to emphasize a certain functionali...

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Losing Faith?
The Bible defined faith as “evidence of things not seen…”
yet why is it that most Christians today are so fucked up with evidence to the
point that they have to invent one out of the blue? Hello? Belief in a Jewish
Sky Daddy is a faith – it doesn’t require ...

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The Funny Thing about Theist’s Anatomy
Nah, I’m not going to talk about
their “missing brains.” This is rather a different story. Every time a god-believer tackle
the issue concerning human anatomy, he always claim that his “Scientist
Creator” did a perfect job. Perfect huh? Perfect iner… design...
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