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Phil Hoffman dead, 46. Apparently drugs. Last year he was snorting heroin. 

Very sad. 

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One of the best so far. 

"Drugs and tech abuse - is America going to pot?" Bill O'Reilly

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This I want to screech from the rooftops. 

For the first time in my entire life, I have had contact with a company delivering something to me. Within minutes. I asked when they were coming, he replied

"Within an hour is that ok?"

And this is a an amateur delivery guy leveraged via an app. The future his here.

Please go away all you gross 'logistics' companies - and also, please go away you retarded collaborative consumption ideologues and P2P junkies that are slowing down business development in this space of allocative efficiency. 

#myways  #gameon #beyondp2pnonsense

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I have just seen the very image of human compassion and intelligence. She is called Brandy Alexander and she is a public defender. 

This is the kind of intelligent and structured, and indefatigable, passion and inspiration the environmental movement has given up on.

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This is a quite a strange item, and not very comforting. 

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HBO strikes back! 

Your move Netlix, your move! 

Hint: here cometh Season 2 of holy manna, House of Cards. Praises. 

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So this is what design is for, if you were wondering. 

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This is very interesting. I am convinced that sleeping in a block is not the best idea. In fact, I think many ideas about sleep - how much we need, how it should make you feel, what you should 'do' before, during, after, are a bit misguided. (In short, sleep and leisure are not always good, in my experience. We are made to do stuff, not hang around.) 

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More courage. 

But if only politics and the media had encourage to debate this properly, rather than fighting for the safest exit position before even noting the issues. 

#snowden #pussyriot #newageofmedia

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This is classy stuff. The tiresome unconsidered view is that phones are 'distractions' from all the wonderful things that we could be doing otherwise. 

But in fact, it's just as much they case the phone can create more meaning, more connection, more depth. 

Just get on with it. It's your world, explore it, use it. 
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