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This Clear Pixel thing is probably the real deal

I haven't commented on Android-y legal things for a while, but I'm 95% certain this is the first patent describing the "Clear Pixel" technology (in a camera sensor) that will allegedly be in the Moto X.

It was filed by Eastman Kodak in 2005, and published in 2007. You will not find "clear pixel" anywhere in the text - the technical term is panchromatic pixel - but rest assured, this is the clear pixel technology. One of the first references to the tech in popular media was in 2008:

Google and Apple collectively bought a big chunk of Kodak's patents last year, too:

This tech basically makes low light photos look better, and reduces their capture time (making blur and / or ISO noise less of an issue). 

So there you have it. cc +Taylor Wimberly 
An image sensor for capturing a color image is disclosed having a two-dimensional array having first and second groups of pixels wherein pixels from the first group of pixels ...
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Also funny this was hyped in 2008. Have others devices used this tech and we just didn't know about it? 
Kodak made a couple cameras with it, and I think Sony toyed with it at one point. But no, I don't think it ever actually caught on in any kind of big way.
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