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So will this show up as a photo sphere?
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Indeed it does. Fascinating - this was taken with the Note 3's surround shot feature.
Very nice, +David Ruddock!  No glitch in the matrix directly overhead of you!  That Mercedes and the houses across the street are pretty messed up tho!  :-)
Looks a little more broken than most photospheres I get, but nice to see that non-Nexus devices are starting to get it.
It actually turned out real nice. The only problem is some artifacts on the White car clipping. 
Looks like the Note 3 has a really nice camera.
Nexus 4' camera quality is not that good, but photo sphere taking software is really good! The difference between this one from Note III and one from Nexus 4 would be pretty noticeable in favor of the N4. 
Can someone confirm this?
+David Ruddock how did you share it? I've been trying to upload some speheres from my international version to G+ and they just show the composite image, not the sphere.
I haven't tried this on my Note 3. The artifacts of improper merging are OK if you aren't doing this to sell a house or some other professional purpose. So pix of a family picnic in a pretty place seem like a good use. Shared to allow others to see the surroundings.
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