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An interesting question has been put fourth: does HTC's unreleased, 5" 1080p display phone take the importance of pixels too far? Is 440DPI beyond the limit of practical benefits on a handheld device? Or should 1080p be the stopping point while other aspects of display technology advance?
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It depends. If your primary language uses a CJK script, the extra density helps, up to and possibly beyond 440 dpi. For latin scripts, this is probably overkill.
Interesting, I had not thought of the complexity of non-latin fonts. One of my other ideas was that this could provide a superior mirroring experience when using one's phone with a TV set - the upscaling effect would be substantially less dramatic.
I don't think the device's screen's resolution has anything to do with most implementations of HDMI out. Just because a screen is not 1080p capable doesn't mean the signal coming out of HDMI won't be. It's the case with your laptop, it's the case with your One X, and it's the case with most other Android devices. It's possible that pure mirroring is done in the same resolution as the screen though, I'm not 100% positive.
I'm talking about the scaling of elements from the phone, not the resolution that makes it to the TV once all is said and done. The phone will be scaled for a 1080p resolution from the start and elements will not have to be "stretched" for the TV. You can't create resolution that isn't present in the first place. Additionally, the phone will already be optimized to run in 1080p mode smoothly out of the box, as many devices using HDMI out tend to exhibit lag.
Yeah, you're probably right and pure mirroring most likely works at the resolution of the main screen. It's like that on laptops, but I'm not sure if it's like that on Android devices or they support a mode where HDMI out is output at 1080p while the screen could be at 720p. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is the same, so technically it should be possible.
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