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Because I've been getting some new G+ followers in my notifications lately:

I no longer use Google+ (don't ask why, a variety of reasons). To follow me on the internet, I suggest Twitter.

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We're looking for new APers - one in the US, one in the EU/UK. Details in this Medium post.

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Getting real sick of /r/Android mods removing the majority of submitted +Android Police​​​​​ posts, like this one, as "blog spam." I'm pretty sure there's a bias against the site among mods (or rather I know this after private discussions with some mods), and there's one mod who's straight up openly hostile to us.

Someone tipped us on Google+ and we posted about it? Blog spam (even though the original post wasn't and probably won't be submitted).

An obscure page on the web changed, which we noticed first and reported on? They'd rather see the page itself without the background info or comparison submitted than credit AP.

A staged rollout to an app which we examined and documented? "Blog spam," even though there was no changelog or any indication of the change.

Hell, even when the author of the post we reference is a member of AP and we've worked closely with him on our post (, it's still "blog spam."

Here's another recent example, which another mod agreed was removed for no reason when I pointed it out to them via mod mail, but it was never reinstated

Etc. We have many examples.

Yes, some removals, maybe even a majority, are justified because they're duplicates. I also agree that when features get announced in a company blog post, posts about them from other blogs should be removed (but only if the original post is submitted too). But "blog spam" trigger fingers are abusing their power, and it's getting worse.

How about you let /r/Android decide what deserves being on the subreddit and chill out on the spam button? 

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Down Detector pretty much sums up the situation this morning. What a mess.

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"Hey honey isn't this new chromecast ultra great"
"What's a chromecast mom"
"Shutup and close your eyes connor we're watching narcos in 4k"

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The unlock animation after a fresh boot on the Pixels is #delightful - doesn't appear to be a 7.1 thing, as Nexus 6P doesn't do this. Look carefully, it's subtle, but oh so smooth.

I am considering holding a Pixel meetup in Los Angeles. This would be a chance to try the phone and discuss it, some time in the next two weeks.

DM if interested, FYI. You can also Hangouts me.

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I love this camera. #pixel 

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RIP Donald Trump's campaign. He's in full tailspin, and the NYT just strafed him with a clean hit.

I'm almost certain he'll sue them for this.

worth it.
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