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CM11 is safe from Heartbleed in case anyone was worried :)
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This is the app I used if anyone wants to test their own phone: if you are on KitKat you should be fine.
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Josh Holmes

Nexus (HOLOYOLO)  - 
And so, it begins...
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It's the smartphone equivalent of the F5 key! 
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Josh Holmes

Samsung  - 
Finally got the 4.3 update on my i9505!
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When will it be available for the galaxy note II? ?
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Josh Holmes

Samsung Devices  - 
Well then.
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Just switched to CM from TW with the CM Installer, worked perfectly. Set up the Nova Launcher beta for the KitKat look. Live wallpaper with a Nyan TARDIS and everything.
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Alright, thanks!
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Josh Holmes

Nexus (HOLOYOLO)  - 
Apple just announced the latest version of Android lol 
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Apple has taken how the world and they want.... 1 billion dollars... Pinkie up to the mouth... Hehaha
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