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Neli Duarte
Pra onde tenha sol... é pra lá que eu vou!!!
Pra onde tenha sol... é pra lá que eu vou!!!

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Niver Neli 3.6
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Test Mirror: An test strategy using SCRUM method in an outsourcing project
ABSTRACT Although conduct
software testing is extremely important to reaching the quality, tests are
still not a common place among companies. Running software tests in agile
development environment makes that situation even more complicated, since it has

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Overview - Lean Software Development
O conceito “Lean Production” surgiu com
o lançamento do livro “The Machine That Changed the World”  em 1990 quando
a Toyota era da metade do tamanho da GM (General Motors). Hoje em dia a Toyota
está passando a GM como maior montadora do mundo e se posiciona...

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Exploratory Testing - Positive and Negative points
Positive Points Has a planning structure of testing
( called charters) Find defects through exploring some
pre-defined (planned) areas of testing Do not rely in any formal
documentation to be created. So, it is useful when you do not

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Exploratory Testing - Apply the Method and Exploratory techniques
Ad Hoc             Ad Hoc tests are executed without any plan or structure. Tester just
open the application and going through, browsing according to his
creative.  Bugs are found on by accidentally
and it is hard to reproduce due to don’t follow any struct...

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Exploratory Testing - What really are exploratory tests?
Despite the fact that the concepts of Exploratory Testing and Ad Hoc
testing are similar, and sometimes defined as: something, different names, we
need to establish the concepts for each one of them. It is a very useful thing
when you talk to someone about ...
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