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There are two kinds of people: the ones that suck the life out of every day, and the ones that let every day suck the life out of them. Which one are you ?
There are two kinds of people: the ones that suck the life out of every day, and the ones that let every day suck the life out of them. Which one are you ?
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Pinteresting...excuse the pun!
7 Pinterest Features You Probably Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a while and have been frustrated that you’re not getting enough followers, repins, click throughs and so forth the reason could be attributed to not knowing how to fully maximize the features that Pinterest offers you.

Many pinners are just focusing on pinning a ton of images when they forget that there is so much more you can do get noticed. You need to roll up your sleeves and have the discipline to work on your account even when it feels like its work. Listen I love what I do as a Pinterest consultant but I am no different from you. There are parts of my job that I delegate or outsource because I know how vital it is to do the stuff that isn’t fun for me.

Bottom line: you have to do the hard work to get pinners sharing your content and drive more traffic and sales to your business.

Here are 7 features you need to pay attention to:
1. How to easily & quickly add pins to Twitter and Facebook
2. Promote your pins via Pinterest’s email
3. Article Rich Pins
4. Board widgets
5. Group board settings
6. Pinterest’s analytics
7. Pinterest Page widget

Over to you
What else would you add to this?

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Good tip for creating attention grabbing headlines.
Write Better Headlines on Google+ by Stealing from Cosmo

Many people on Google+ share killer content but make the mistake of never writing headlines. Or they slap a dull headline on an interesting post. If that sounds like you, start writing better headlines by stealing sexy headlines from Cosmo, or looking on the covers of any consumer magazine. Choose a headline you like, remove one or two words and insert your own--instant headline! 

In my guest blog post at The Future of Ink blog at, I demonstrated how I stole the headline 10 Things Guys Crave in Bed and turned it into three different headlines for three completely different pieces of content. 

Cosmo covers are one of seven free tools you can use to write headlines that pull in readers like nobody's business. Thanks, +Denise Wakeman and +Ellen Britt for sharing my cool tools with your readers.

Experiment with them, and come back here and show us headlines you've created. We'd love to see them! If you use the Emotional Value Headline Analyzer, be sure to tell us your score. How close can you get to 100%? (Consumer Warning: This tool is addictive.)
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Good tips for building a website.
Thank you to +Ileane Smith for having me featured on Basic Blog Tips! It's been a while, but this has always been a great blog if you're looking to get involved.

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Some tips on planning your content strategy.
Understanding the Content Strategy
To enlarge image:

Are you wondering, how to create a stellar content marketing strategy and generate the buzz you are looking for?

With social media and search working as the gateway to influence on today's consumer, creative content is imperative to boost a brand's exposure and organic search relevancy.

Whether you have a new campaign to launch, and upcoming event, or you need enterprise-level assistance, the following infographic from +Gage can guide you through and help you make a difference on any scale.

::|| The building blocks of of content strategy ||::

Know yourself: Clearly understand and define your content strategy objectives.

Know your audience: Clearly define end-users, their goals, behaviors and desires.

Know your content: Know what you have and what you need in context of business and user goals.

Set your plan: Strategize by audience, channel, location and you users' position in the customer experience journey.

Execute your strategy: Understand that you are engaging users for the long-term. Be willing to commit.

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An interesting and down to earth talk about entrepreneurship and happiness with Guy Kawasaki, Arianna Huffington and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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Ha! I thought this notice was so funny I took a photo! I mean who brings trolleys in the building ?

First message on Google+ . Looking forward to experiment more with this.
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