Journey of #Magnus71 from Malé, Maldives to Sur, Oman.


It was some time of afternoon on 22nd February 2017 when we received the intel that one of the phase 2 shards of #Magnus shard event was going to spawn at Republic square fountain in Malé, the capital city of Maldives. Everyone got excited about it. The first words that came out of Local Enlightened community leader was “What happened almost 2 year ago, (with the Shonin shard that visited Malé) wouldn’t repeat again!”.

Thus, the preparations began instantly. Sleeping agents were activated. Remote agents were kept on standby. Farms were set. Trips to nearby islands were arranged to clear enemy blockers and to set new friendly blockers. Plans were drawn to maintain the control of shard and move it to Enlightened strong hold in Sur, Oman at the first jump window.

Friday night, we finalized everything over a coffee + farming session. The coffee lasted so long that we had to leave directly to the Republic square afterwards to begin inoculation controlling process for the portal. We got the upper hand in portal control as we flipped the portal at 12:56am. Some of us decided to stay awake for the rest of the night and for our surprise, the resistance did not show up at the portal even after the shard spawned.

At 5:30am the shard #Magnus71 spawned at republic square fountain. Around 6:30am 30 minutes to first jump, we started execution of our final plan, when suddenly a bunch of smurfs on their bikes passed by, observing our numbers. They tried hard to block us. Although we had agents mobilized around the city to clear crosses, we failed at linking to Oman, as we were unable to clear one of our own friendly blockers in another remote island.

Not giving up hope, our agents, with instructions from a great intel team decided to try again for 12pm jump time. For 12pm jump time, we were able to link to oman 30 mins prior to jump time, but were unable to defend due to the great response from smurfs. Surely we underestimated them. We tried again for 5pm cp, and we failed again, as we failed to clear some friendly blockers on a remote island.

Even after our 3rd failure, we weren't ready to give up. With a little change of plan, we again tried to move the shard to the edge of the city for the 10pm jump time. Smurfs tried to move the shard to a resort island near capital city, for the same jump time. They took the control of the portal, and made the links. We managed destroy the portal on the last minute, but failed to mover the shard.

For the next jump time at 3am, we knew we would be outnumbered, hence we decided to on full defence. Plan was to field over the capital city so the smurfs won't be able to make any links from/to the shard portal. We were unable to put up a field, but we successfully stopped them from linking to the resort. Then the unexpected happened. Smurfs made a link to doppler radar (limited access zone at airport). We couldn't do anything about it as we were hugely outnumbered. We watched as the shard moved from republic square fountain to doppler radar. Now all we could do was block smurfs from moving the shard out of our reach, and wait for a perfect moment to steal it back.

The shard stayed at doppler radar for the next 2 jump time. And our opportunity to steal it finally surfaced for 6pm cp of 26th February. Plan was to bring the shard back to mainland Malé city. 3 of enlightened agents who worked at airport stood up to the task. Number of agents that showed up at Maritime historic museum(Malé portal) showed that we, the frogs weren't nearly ready to give up. Everything played out perfectly, and at 6pm jump time, shard 71 jumped from Doppler radar to Maritime historic museum. To our surprise, the smurfs did not show much resistance this time.

Since our plans to move shard directly to oman was not working very well, new plans were drawn out. But they could only be executed the next day, since traveling to a remote island was involved. So we had to defend the shard and maintain its current location, until 7pm jump time of the next day. And we knew we needed a foolproof defence plan. Thus, the best option was once again to field over the capital city. After successfully defending for the 11pm, we all got to work.

Our agent at kurumba Maldives Resort was activated. After we cleared the path for him, he linked Taste Restaurant to Embudu Schaukel, which was the base link for the field set. This link went through Malé, and also acted as a great escort link for our ultimate plan. An hour prior to 4pm jump time, we started fielding from Villimalé. We successfully made 10 layers of field within a couple of minutes, which also contributed to regional cycle score. Those fields lasted for 2 jump times. Just before the 2pm jump time, Embudu Schaukel was destroyed by a spoofer, destroying our great escort link, opening up possibilities for smurfs to block us. But we decided to proceed as planned. For 2pm jump time of 27th February, we successfully managed to regain the control of the shard portal, which failed the smurfs attempts to move the shard out of Malé.

Up next was the 7pm jump. Agents travelled to Dh. Meedhoo, 3 hours trip by sea, and tagged along with our resident there.Around 5:30pm around 20 of our agents went to shard portal in order to regain inoculation control during the next flip. Smurfs did try to maintain inoculation control, but failed due to being hugely outnumbered.

So with us having a fully upgraded and modded blue portal, all we had to do was jarvis it right before Jump time and link to Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument at Dh. Meedhoo. The plan was to send it to Oman from Meedhoo. This was a more feasible way, since there was no resistance agent at that island, and during night it was almost a 4 hour trip from the capital city. As the jump time came closer, we started mobilizing our agents around the city. Some to clear crosses. Some to Make rails to Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument. Most of us were at the shard portal getting ready to defend, once the portal is flipped green.

Everything was so perfectly planned out that, for a moment we thought that nothing could go south (except for the links to Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument. :p). But of course there was the Resistance, resisting, as their name suggested. 15 minutes before jump time, they managed to make a cross link from within Malé city. But our agents were faster and smarter to respond. Instantly 2 small teams were made and send to both the ends of the cross link. Better safe than sorry. Luckily for us, neither of the ends were heavily guarded. As soon as the teams reached their respective portals, both portals were destroyed relatively easily.

Almost at the same time, Maritime Historic Museum was Jarvised too. Thus, green links emerged between Malé and Dh. Meedhoo. One of the links were made from Maritime Historic Museum to Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument. There was still approximately 2 minutes left for jump time. Both Enlightened and Resistance agents at Maritime Historic Museum gave their best. But due to being heavily outnumbered, the Smurfs lost the fight. Around 15 smurfs, was faced by 36 frogs, and at 7pm #Magnus71 moved from Maritime Historic Museum to Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument. After the successful shard jump, it was time to celebrate. Since everyone was very tired, instant celebrations were cut down to a mega coffee.

Now, even though our task was not done, it was quite simple. Sending the shard from Dh. Meedhoo to Sur, Oman. As soon as the shard jumped to Meedhoo, an escort link from Meedhoo To Oman was made, to avoid any potential crosses from resistance. One hour prior to next jump time at 12am, agents in Malé city gathered again for a farming and for remote recharging Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument just in case needed. A couple of minutes before jump time, our Meedhoo team linked Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument to Al Ayjah Lighthouse, Sur, Oman. Exactly at 12am of 28th February 2017, we all said our goodbyes to #Magnus71, as we watched it move to Oman.

After an adventurous journey, #Magnus71 finally found its home in Enlightened target at UAE. at 10am jump time of 28th, #Magnus71 jumped from Sur, Oman to Enlightened target at UAE. and by the time I finished writing this sitrep, #Magnus71 changed its home from UAE to Enlightened target at Mumbai, India.

Agents Involved:

A total of 71 on the field enlightened agents were involved with #Magnus71 during its journey from Malé, Maldives, to Sur, Oman. More Support was received from agents from around the globe with intel, planning and key transfer.
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The Best Part:

This was one of the biggest achievements for Enlightened Maldives so far. And of course this was achieved with the help of a lot of people, not only from Maldives, but around the world.

Firstly I would like to thank and congratulate the whole family of Enlightened Maldives. Especially the agents who participated in the event, and helped in one way or the other. Also agents who were at remote islands and agents who travelled to remote locations, and helped us by bringing down blockers and being on standby 24/7. It was awesome to watch each and every one of you contributing to this global success, from your own levels. This level of commitment is rare and precious. Personally I am honored to be part of this amazing family.

And then there is all the foreign agents, without whom this wouldn't have been possible. Allow me to state some names here.
@Kingkarthik, @jaze87, @HaaniOpi. Even though you guys are not Maldivians, you guys are now a part part of Enlightened MV. Your participation means a lot to us. And on behalf of Enl MV I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are an excellent representation of the great bond between Enlightened Maldives and Enlightened Srilanka.
Agents from all over the world who helped us with intel and instructed us. It was great working with all of you. Our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank You for tolerating us all the way.

Me ending this sitrep without thanking the local resistance agents wouldn't be fair. After all, without them those 3 days wouldn't be nearly as fun and exciting as it was. I believe we are not enemies, but rivals. And fighting against the great team of Resistance MV was fun. Even though you guys couldn't stop us, you did gave us a tough fight. Thank You for being there, and making this event more memorable.

An overall thanks to everyone who were directly and indirectly involved with #Magnus71 along its adventurous journey. This success was unachievable without each and every one of you.

Some key Facts:

On friday afternoon, Agents travelled on a speedboat to nearby islands, to clear blockers and set up new ones. They even met with a little accident.

On friday afternoon, the intel report with images of shard spawning portals was updated after changing the shard 71 portal to Dhondheena Monument, Addu city, Maldives. Later it was found out to be a request from Resistance MV, saying that Republic square fountain was a Government restricted zone, and hence was inaccessible, and that there were no better alternative on Malé city. Thanks to the support from Global Ingress communities, we were able to provide evidence of Republic square fountain being accessible for public, to niantic, leading to intel report being being changed again 6 hours prior to spawn time.

When we woke up on tuesday morning, we discovered that Dhaalu Atoll Madharusa Monument portal was removed from scanner and intel map. Maybe the portal, along with shard went to Oman?

See all the amazing pictures here:

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