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Related not by blood, but by scanners. A family bonded by a game we call ingress. We are not bounded just by portals, control fields or shards. We are bounded by a journey. A journey full of exciting adventures, Amazing people and Unforgettable memories.

28th July 2018 was a remarkable day of that journey for every ingress agent in Maldives. A record number of agents were on the ground, battling for victory. But more importantly, making new memories, with the people we call family. On this day Maldives hosted their first Ingress Anomaly at the capital city, Malé. An opportunity many were looking forward to, for years.

Okay. That's enough tears for one day. Let's get going. Let's talk about the tremendous victory for Enlightened Maldives on our very first anomaly.

The anomaly was such a huge success, thanks to a lot of agents hard preparation work and the incredible organizing for the anomaly. From the day of announcement, till anomaly day, a lot of agents were involved in organizing and preparing for the anomaly. Recruitments were kick-started. Sleeping agents were woken up. Distant agents called up. Farms organized. Our website was launched. Swags were pre-ordered and produced. Teams formed and trained accordingly.

The morning of 28th July 2018, all agents, with their teams started mobilizing to their designated areas within the anomaly zone. With operators guiding them through their every step, all teams carried out their assigned tasks efficiently.

During all 3 phases Enlightened dominated and won all the phases. The Resistance didn't just manage to lose every single phase, but they also lost most of the measurements with a huge difference. Our agents, strategy, and perfect coordination was too much for the smurfs to take on. Have a look at this..

Total Anomaly Score 266.46 83.54
Phase 1 (Cluster Battle) 63.68 36.32
M1 Raw Score 131 22
M2 Raw Score 130 41
M3 Raw Score 149 41
M4 Raw Score 92 85
Phase 2 (Shards) 92.86 7.14
Phase 2 Raw Score 13 1
Phase 3 (Link Burst) 76.92 23.08
M1 Starburst Target Links 100 1
M2 Starburst Target Links 18 30
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks 33 17

Anyway, this anomaly was a huge success for the Maldivian enlightened community. Many memories created. Many new friendships made. Everyone enjoyed it. And this was the biggest ingress event that took place in Maldives.

The thank you list is long. But let me just summarize it. Firstly, on behalf of Ingress Maldives community, we would like to thank +Niantic for hosting an anomaly in Maldives. Secondly a huge shout-out to our operators team for doing an amazing job guiding us through from preparation till the very end. We would also like to thank all the Remote Rechargers at India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. A very special thanks to the agents who took time to participate on ground operations. Hope you all had a great anomaly and a vacation. Thank you to everyone who were involved in preparation and organizing Anomaly Day and the Mission Day.

Hope you all had a great time and the smurf tears were good enough to quench your thirst.

Frogs on the field: ~100 Agents
XM Recharged by Remote Rechargers: ~180 million

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